Once halmari tea is on your shelves, we guarantee you will want it for the rest of your life


Years of legacy

With a legacy of 100 years of experience, expertise and deliberate pursuit of quality, Halmari stands tall as the best tea estate of India. Adjudged as one of the finest teas from the world year after year, Halmari has left no stone unturned in honing its art to undoubtedly maintain an impeccable standard in Tea manufacturing. Situated on the Lush plains of Upper Assam, Halmari produces the highest quality teas from pedigree clones. With 100 years of experience, expertise and deliberate pursuit of quality , Halmari stands tall as the best tea estate in India and ranked amongst the top 9 of the world. 

We at Halmari

are aiming to provide the world with absolutely garden fresh teas straight from our estate in Assam. We want the world to know what the best CTC , orthodox,green tea and oolong tea tastes like at extremely affordable prices. No blending , no middleman , no months of waiting on shelves but packed fresh from our estate and sent to your doorstep for the freshest and the ultimate tea experience.

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The highest quality available all across the world

we’re ranked as one of the top 9 best tea gardens for a reason


Environment friendly

Halmari is 100% rainforest alliance compliant . Just like our labour welfare program, there are no compromises to the environment


Garden fresh

All Our teas are packed,sealed and shipped straight from our garden in assam. We despatch your teas the very next day after your order. No blending just plain world class quality.


Highest awarded garden in the last 20 years

We hold all of the accolades you can think of.


The ultimate tea experience.