Sushma Seth

Bollywood actress

My favourite morning ‘cuppa’ – the most fragrant and delicious HALMARI TEA ! It refreshes and energizes to take on the day’s activity.

Mahesh sharma

Mahesh Sharma

Queen Camelia Tea House, Switzerland.

It has been now over 20 years that my day starts with a cup of Halmari black orthodox tea. The taste, best described, is a perfect combination of wood, malt, sweetness and subtle astringency. I have not experienced this consistency of maintaining quality at the highest level, in any other estate. On my visits to tea estates in China, Japan, Taiwan and Africa, I have brewed Halmari tea together with some of the world’s finest teas like Da Hong Pao, Yin Zhen Silver Needle, Dan Cong Huang Feng and Formosa Oriental Beauty, tasted it together with the masters and there was complete unanimity that Halmari orthodox belongs to that club.

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Located in Bern , One of the most prestigious tea boutiques in the world

We have carried the Halmari Tea in our shop for many years and it has become one of our standards, not only accompanying long-standing customers, but also constantly convincing new tea drinkers of its quality.

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Jane Pettigrew

Tea connoisseur and author

Deliciously sweet with the aroma of plump sun dried raisins. The sweet smooth strength makes this a great tea for first thing in the morning, with breakfast and through the day. It balances very well with both sweet and savoury foods – for Halmari Orthodox.

We’ve come to associate Halmari with the finest Assams. The attention to quality is evident in their tea, with its rich amber liquor, classic Assam flavors, and just enough astringency to keep it lively. This year’s TGFOP has been one of our top sellers, earning rave reviews from Teabox’s customersRead more
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Chairman J thomas and Co. the largest tea auctioneers in the world.

Halmari has chosen not to sit on its laurels. They have been working to improve and it is paying now. “It is no more a tea brand, it is a prized possession”