Refund Policy

Firstly, thank you for considering our product worth of purchasing. Halmari ensures to offer you the ultimate experience in every way possible, and your satisfaction stands foremost to us.

If you aren’t satisfied with any of our product or delivery, you as a Halmari tea customer can always request for a refund or cancellation. Please read this cancellation and refund policy of Halmari to be aware of your rights, responsibilities and more as a customer/buyer.

Cancellation and Refund Rules

  • A customer’s order will be canceled in case it is not shipped for some kind of unavoidable situations.
  • The money will be refunded within an assured timeline.
  • Refund is also applicable if customers initiate a cancellation request for any disputed products delivered or incorrect product delivery.
  • No refund is applicable if any recipient refuses to receive his or her ordered product.
  • Customers will receive every kind of assistance from Halmari regarding a product’s return or refund only when they have received a wrong product. No other condition apart from this will be considered for a return or refund.
  • Buyers can directly send us an email or call our customer care executives if they receive a wrong product. Halmari team will get in touch at the earliest and initiate a return or refund process.
  • Halmari cannot process a refund for teas with any tampering. Also, the same cannot be initiated if products received don’t weigh similar to that of the order placed.

Reasons for order cancellation

Order cancellations of any variant of Halmari Tea may occur on the following circumstances.

  • When a particular tea variant is unavailable.
  • When the address mentioned by customers is not serviceable.
  • When an order hasn’t been shipped within the customer-specified deadline.

Cancellation requests may also be initiated post the shipment period if any of these issues with any variant of Halmari tea occur.

  • A defect in any tea product which cannot be replaced.
  • An order which hasn’t been delivered due to unavailability of the recipient or untraceable shipping address.

Other essentials for customers

  • Customers must check the packaging of their ordered product before receiving it. The packaging shouldn’t be damaged or tampered.
  • In case of non-deliverance of any products, customers must contact Amarawati Tea within 15 working days. The process of order cancellation and refund will be initiated immediately after the confirmation of non-deliverance.
  • Customers have to select a mode of payment once their refund including shipping charges have been confirmed.
  • Amarawati Tea will not be liable for any kind of compensation or penalty for order cancellation under any of the mentioned reasons in this refund policy.

Rights reserved by Halmari

  • Halmari reserves every right to make necessary changes, modification or omission in this refund policy.
  • We, the team of Halmari, are liable for sending any prior notification to customers regarding a change in this policy. So, customer/buyers are requested to visit this page for changes or modifications to stay updated.

Maintaining transparency is what we abide by. With this refund and cancellation policy, we wish to offer you a better and satisfactory service.

For any further queries or issues, feel free to get in touch with us.