Refund Policy

We would like to thank you for considering our product worth of purchasing. Here is our privacy policy through which, you will be able to learn more about your rights and responsibilities concerning any of your purchases that you have made through us. We are committed to perform our services with the accordance of your order details and timelines.

If your order is not shipped due to any kind of unavoidable circumstances, then it will be canceled. You will get back your money within assured timeline. In case of delivered product, where the order is canceled because of any dispute or delivery of the incorrect item, a refund is also applicable.

Here are some common reasons that can cause order cancellation:

  •    Unavailability of particular product
  •    Address mentioned by customer is not serviceable
  •    Order not shipped within the timeline specified by customer

Common reasons for order cancellation in the post-shipment period:

  •    Defect in product that cannot be replaced or repaired
  •    Order has not been delivered due to untraceable shipping address or unavailability of recipient

In case of situations, where the recipient refused to receive the ordered product, no refund will be pertinent. In addition, product damage occurred during transit will not be accepted as well.

Caution: Before receiving your ordered product, make sure its packaging is not tampered or damaged in any way.

Conditions: We will be happy to help you in the process of refund or return of the order if you have received a wrong product. However, you will not be able to enjoy our return or refund policy in other conditions.

Process: In case you have received the wrong product, call our customer care executives or mail us to our given email address. We will get back to you and initiate the process of return or refund.

Exclusion: Refund cannot be processed if any tampering is done to the product and the weight of received product is not similar to the weight while placing the order.

Conditions: Ordered item is not dispatched within the timeline mentioned in the order details. In case of receiving no intimation through email or SMS concerning the delay in delivering the product.  

In the event of non-deliverance, the customer should contact Amarawati Tea within 15 working days. Once the issue of non-deliverance is confirmed, we will initiate the process of order cancellation and refund.

Please note that once you have been entitled to refund including shipping charges, you will have to choose the pay mode mentioned in our refund policy.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, will not be liable to pay any kind of penalties or compensations for order cancellation.