Halmari’s Unique Brew Receives a Shout Out from Livemint’s Tea Nanny!

For lovers of the beverage, Livemint’s Tea Nanny is not merely a column to skim over every week.

This column, penned by Bangalore based tea blogger Aravinda Anantharaman provides interesting anecdotes that help tea lovers to discover new brews of the drink.

Recently, Tea Nanny gave a shout out to Halmari Assam Tea as one of the top picks for the Blended Breakfast teas available in the market. The column, written on the origins and the attributes of English Breakfast teas, named Halmari as one of the best variations of the tea available.

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

However, it is really not surprising that Anantharaman picked Halmari’s Breakfast Blend as one of the best brews out there. With its bold and malty flavors, this particular tea from Halmari pairs exceptionally well with a big and hearty breakfast!

Halmari’s Breakfast Tea is the perfect accompaniment to your morning meal

Halmari brings an assortment of flavors to satiate the taste buds of every tea lover. From mild to bold flavors, they have the perfect blend to suit your mood throughout the day.

English Breakfast Gold CTC Tea, available as both loose leaves and in tea bags, imparts a rich and creamy texture to a chai lover’s palate, making it the perfect brew to begin a day with.

This particular blend is made from sophisticated, broken pekoe grade leaves, which has been creating records among the top tea variants for over a decade now!

Not just that, you can also enhance the flavors of this tea according to your preferences. Some prefer it with a dash of milk, some like to drink it black, and some even recommend adding a mix of spices to it.

And the result is nothing short of delectable!

Enticing taste-buds all over the world

Well, Halmari’s Breakfast Blend is popular with chance appearances in art pieces like those of Tea Nanny! If you think otherwise and giving it a second thought, think again!

Thousands all over the world swear by this unique blend for their morning cuppa. So much so that it fetches the best price of tea from all around the globe.

Needless to say, Halmari Assam tea is not merely a cup of hot beverage. It is an experience to be had, a drink to be savored with every sip.

Well, truly Livemint’s Tea Nanny sets up the mark with this!