Halmari Tea Collection Featured on LBB/Little Black Book’s Bangalore Blog

The little black book is a popular LBB website among those who like to keep a lookout for some of the premium brands on food, drinks, fashions, home décor, events and so on. Recently on an article for Assam teas, they recommended Halmari Tea to their readers, citing it as one of the top ten tea brands in the world.

Sounds exciting right?

But it doesn’t just end there. Halmari has also won the Global Tea championship award consecutively from 2015 to 2019. This success can be attributed to the company’s motto that the quality of the tea not be tampered with in any way.

This century-old tea estate from lush plains of Assam focuses on traditional tea making process which starts with delicately hand-picking leaves to cloning only the pedigree variants to produce the best quality leaves. They provide an assortment of summer first flush and second flush teas with a diverse range of flavours to cater to a wide variety of appetite.

One can take their pick from CTC teas which include English breakfast, CTC orthodox blend and CTC blend which can be enjoyed with or without milk. Its robust and malty flavours have made it a breakfast table favourite. The luxury orthodox tea range, including golden tips, GTGFOP1 Clonal, silver needles are perfect for spicing up special evenings at home.

Furthermore, their tea collection also includes specialty and flavoured teas for those who want to treat themselves to something different yet delectable like peppermint, oolong, chamomile, earl grey, lemon green is some of the favourites from this range. One can also try out the tea sampler box from Halmari, which also makes for a very thoughtful gifting option for a loved one. The box priced affordably contains two samples for ten variants.

The article also gives a shout out to some of the best sellers from Halmari like Peppermint, silver needle leaf white, Halmari gold CTC tea.

Halmari ships worldwide so customers can order their favourite flavours through the company’s website and get it delivered to their doorsteps. While ordering one can choose from loose leaves or environment-friendly Japanese nylon tea bags.

Prominent features in blogs like Little Black Book highlights Halmari Tea Estate’s position as one of the top Assam Tea brands of India.

So, get your cuppa today and get the best tea experience of your life!