Halmari Breaks Yet Another Auction Record at Guwahati Centre!

Halmari seems to be on a magic roll this year at its various auction events. Beating its previous sale of BOP at Rs.469 at the Calcutta Auctions, it is a Guwahati purchaser this time who bought its premium grade first flush Assam Tea at Rs.479.

The record-breaking price was fetched by Chattar Singh Narendra Kumar who owns a retail shop at the popular Guwahati Fancy Bazar. He bought an amount of 125.4 kg of Halmari’s CTC broken orange pekoe grade.

“Customers will now get the purest and freshest of tea, thanks to the BOP grade! First Flush always emanates a bold, exotic aroma that entices every tea lover” said Chattar Singh.

As first flush teas are the youngest, they are a little mellower, having a unique flavor.

Vijay Singh who is the proprietor of the firm described how tourists visiting India are the most enthusiasts of tea buyers, especially preferring the first flush of Assam Tea grade.

“The tea coming from such a bold and strong grade will truly satiate every tea enthusiast. It will be sold at our retail counter at a price range of Rs. 600,” added Mr. Vijay Singh.

The weather has already helped to fetch good prices as it has been conducive to this tea. Moreover, some sources said that if the weather continued to remain so, the second flush of Assam Tea would also be sold at skyrocketing price.

Recently, it was only Halmari who fetched a significant Rs.469 in Calcutta Auctions from their previous best price, Rs.422 at the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre.

The secretary of Guwahati Tea Auction Buyer’s Association, Dinesh Bihani said that this centre has become a place where quality grade of premium teas are sold at great prices. Both the sellers and the buyers share a healthy rapport as fetching such supreme prices makes both parties happy and profitable.