Privacy Policy

Amarawati Tea takes care of visitors’ security. However, we collect your personal information to serve you better in the future. Some of your information is tracked automatically when you browse our site. When you use our site for receiving our services, you agree to furnish your personal information. This allows us to process your order in an effective manner.

User Information

You need to provide your information to receive the services offered by us. The registration to our site includes your

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Password

The information that you furnish to us allows us to provide better navigation experience to you. We also need your personal details when you participate in various contests organized by us.

Your information is used for processing the service request. The information provided by you is also used for maintaining protection and improving the quality of our services and development of new offerings.

If your information is available freely in public domain, then it will not be treated as sensitive. The information that has been provided under the Right to Information Act, 2005 is not a sensitive one.

Use of Cookies

Servers maintained by Amarawati Tea gather some of your information automatically. The information includes the IP address of your computer while you browse our website. You need to note that you are not identified while we track your IP address. We collect your IP address so that we can easily deliver the web pages after you submit your request.

The IP address is also collected for letting us know the geographical locations of the users and for measuring the traffic within the site.  We deploy cookies for improving the responsiveness of our website. Sometimes special electronic tools are deployed for assigning user ID to a user. This allows us to understand the specific interests of a user.

Do not think that by using cookies we can identify you personally. When you willfully disclose your personal information, then only we can identify you. A cookie is not able to gather data other than hard drive. Our advertisers sometimes send cookies to your browser and we have no control over this act.

Sharing of Information

Amarawati Tea does not disclose any personal information about its visitors to any 3rd party unless their permission is taken beforehand. However, under some circumstances, the company has to do so.

The parent company can share personal information among its employees or sister concerns for processing service requests. We take care that our associates and employees concur to process such information for fulfilling interests of our customers. We ensure that our associates abide by our privacy policy and take measures for protecting the sensitive information of our customers.

We also disclose personal information to a government agency or authority when a user has used our site for fulfilling the unscrupulous goal. Accordingly, the investigation agency investigates the crime and prosecutes offenders. The disclosures that are done are made in good faith. These disclosures are done so that users follow our terms and abide by the prescribed regulations and laws.

Information That We Collect

Amarawati Tea gathers basic information for processing your order. The information collected includes your contact address, name, contact number and email address. Your personal details are collected when you sign up for newsletters or buy gift certificates and products from us.

We ask you to furnish the details of your debit or credit card when you make a purchase through our site. When you submit such sensitive information, we ensure that the submission takes place through the highest level of security.

Updating Personal Information

When you browse the company’s site, we put our efforts in good faith for providing the information that you need. When you place your purchase order to us, we verify your sensitive information.

If we find that the personal data that have provided to us is incorrect, we ask you to rectify the faulty areas for legitimate business purposes.

We ask users to identify themselves properly. The information that has been provided should be corrected before the order is processed. The company reserves the right to discontinue processing of orders if those are placed repeatedly for no reason. We will not process orders that might hamper privacy of others. When we ask users to update their information, we do not levy any fee. If disproportionate efforts are required, we charge a fee for correcting the sensitive information.

We offer certain services. After you delete some of your information, residual copies get stored in backup systems. It takes some time for deleting those copies.

When you visit our site, we deploy bits of tracking data or cookies for collecting information regarding your interests. By using tracking tools, we collect your IP address and information regarding your browsing behavior. We never use cookies for tracking individual customer. We do not use cookies for saving confidential information like debit or credit card details and passwords.

Security Measures Taken While You Shop Online

When you access your account or place orders with us, we deploy SSL technology to protect your data. SSL secures your information before you send it to us.

Data, which we collect from our customers, are prevented from unauthorized access. For maintaining data accuracy, ensuring accurate information usage and preventing unauthorized access to data, our data experts have deployed the latest internet technologies and security methods.

You may be confused at whether we share your personal data. We ensure that we do not share your data with other companies. The information that you furnish to us is used for providing better navigation experience and fulfilling purchase goals.