Halmari Gold Chamomile Tea

Refreshing and Soothing Flavour

Buy Full Bodied, Mellow, Soothing Tea with Chamomile Flavour Online.

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Loose Tea


Price: 100 Cups/$19
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Tea Bags

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Japanese fuzzo nylon pyramid tea bags each containing 2g of tea

Product Description

liquorLeaf : Bright and attractive chamomile flowers.
liquorLiquor : Full bodied, mellow and extremely soothing to the senses.

For every 250g of every grade of Halmari tea, you get 100 cups worth of the world’s best tea. The world’s finest tea at prices cheaper than your local tea vendor “$ 0.19” per cup

Do you like you tea with refreshing flavor and extremely mellow taste. Try Halmari’s Gold Chamomile Tea. It tastes to smooth that you will feel completely relaxed and refreshed. The key ingredient of this tea is Chamomile flowers that leave a fantastic flavor. To enjoy its best taste, brew 1.5/2g for 2-3 minutes.

You will love its full bodied appearance and mellow taste. Produced during the best Summer season, it retains its flavor and colour for a long period if kept in a cool and dry place. This tea is also great for curing anxiety and insomnia.

1.5tsp / 2 g
2-3 Minutes
Chamomile Flowers
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