Halmari’s Miracle Bid Sets the Ball Rolling for Assam Tea!

It seems that Halmari has made up its mind to break every auction record it has set off before! Astonishingly, this year at the Calcutta auctions, Assam fetched its best price till date, all thanks to Halmari’s superb bid of Rs.469!

Unbelievable! Right?

Well, it is indeed true that Halmari did also incur the previous best price of Rs.422 for Assam’s First Flush tea at Guwahati Auction Centre! It was sale number 16 which fetched such magic bids at the auctions in two different invoices. Halmari garden gained amounts of Rs.469 and Rs.441 for the exclusive CTC variety of tea pertaining to the BOP grade!

Now, what is BOP?

BOP or broken orange pekoe is a name given to tea leaves which are broken into smaller pieces. The similar quality is used for the Orange Pekoe Tea only the sizes are not the same. Moreover, Tea experts say that the more broken the leaves, the bolder gets the flavor! And, thus its resilient and robust flavor finds so much appreciation!

Moving on…
There were two companies, Star Tea and Shiv Tea (both Calcutta based) who bought Halmari Garden’s exclusive grade of premium tea. While Star Tea bought an amount of 125.80 kg of tea for Rs.469, the Shiv Tea organization bought 151.80 kg for Rs.441!

With such a mind-boggling result at the auctions, Halmari cannot be happier! It is their sheer quality that keeps them on top of the list! The winning bidders gushed of how lucky they were to acquire this “unique” flavored first flush Assam tea!

Hoping to break their auction record each year, the entire Halmari family has set their mind for coming years! Focused on QUALITY, which is their buzzword now, this tea organization becomes an undisputed ruler at auctions!