Halmari Grabs Record Amount of Rs.700/kg at Calcutta Auctions

Last Tuesday, Halmari yet again set a new record at the Calcutta Auctions by gaining a huge bid of Rs.700 a kilogram for its CTC grade of tea!

Entitled as a world record, Halmari managed to make the headlines with this humongous price for CTC seen so far. The new price beats the previous record of Rs.600 that was obtained in the year 2016 for the garden’s second flush Assam tea.

The tea auctioned by J Thomas and Co. Pvt. Ltd, who is the world’s oldest and largest tea auctioning group, was purchased by Partha Sarathi Dutta. He is the owner of Mahabodhi Tea House and also owner of two renowned retail shops in Calcutta.

A whopping amount of 312 kg was sold along with another invoice sale of Rs 501.

“The price was quite a phenomenon. Halmari tea gardens now stand on a different level all because of their exquisite quality of tea,” said the chairman and managing director of J Thomas and Co. Pvt. Ltd, Krishan Katyal.

Manufactured on March 27, this grade of tea was made out of experienced tea leaves that have been basking in amiable weather conditions for a fortnight.

“We were graced with an idyllic mix of sunshine and rain that worked as an incentive letting the tea leaves protrude their current blend of strength and bold flavor,” said the general manager of Halmari garden, D. K. Arora.

Partha Sarathi Dutta, now the proud owner of CTC, exclaimed with sheer pride how this grade of tea will be sold at Rs.1000 at his retail shops.

“The market condition where people will actually buy CTC Tea at such a rate exists,” gushed Mr. Dutta.
This world record breaking price has been called “God’s Grace” by the Halmari team who now looks forward with a new zeal in their mind.