10 Thoughtful Holi Gifts for Tea Lovers in 2022

The colourful festival, Holi, brings a season of fun and merriment. People celebrate this occasion with their near ones and give exuberant gifts as a token of their love. Nevertheless, if the dear ones are tea lovers, you should ensure that your Holi gifts match their sentiments. So, to help you with this, here are the best ten thoughtful tea gifts on this occasion of Holi that a connoisseur will love to have.

Ten Holi Gifts for Tea Lovers in this Holi.

1. Halmari Assorted Pack Tea Gifts

Offering the assorted pack of Halmari can be one of the most befitting gift ideas for tea lovers on this occasion of Holi. This sampler box comes with twenty bags containing ten different types of teas. Thus, with one gift box, you can give ten aromatic blasts. You can celebrate sheer joy with your near ones with these suitable tea gifts and make the festivities even more special for them. Moreover, it will make their celebration of Holi more enjoyable and memorable as they will use your present regularly.

2. Electric Kettle

A tea lover would love to have a kit that makes them closer to the hot cuppa, and this electric kettle is the best equipment to do that. With this, tea lovers will brew this beverage within a few minutes. Thus, it can be one of the most delightful Holi gifts for such individuals.

3. Leaf Reading Kit

Tasseography is an ancient way to study the fate of people by reading the remaining tea leaves on cups after consuming. A lover of this beverage will greatly enjoy the leaf reading kit. You can buy these tea gifts online easily for your friends and family on this auspicious occasion of Holi.

4. Best Tea Books

Tea books can be the most admirable Holi gifts that enthusiasts of this beverage will admire most. So naturally, being an admirer of this hot cuppa, they would love to explore and know more about it. In fact, some books entailing various tea recipes can be one of the most exquisite tea gifts on this solemn occasion.

5. Tea Infuser

This electric appliance helps individuals steep the beverage at a controllable temperature. They can also set the duration to which they want the hot cuppa to be stewed. This way, they can easily limit tannin extraction, which otherwise can make this beverage taste bitter. Thus, it can be a heartwarming gift for tea lovers for the Holi celebration.

6. Raw Honey

A hot cuppa with the sweetness of raw organic honey is nothing but the superior ecstasy for health-conscious sippers. It is beneficial for health as it reduces cholesterol and improves metabolism, digestion, and brain function. So, you can add this to your tea gifts online cart without a second thought.

7. Tea Strainer

You can also add a ball-shaped tea strainer as one of the most considerable Holi gifts for individuals fond of this beverage. After completing the brew, they can quickly put the raw leaves inside these strainers and remove them. In fact, its design and shape give a premium feeling to brewers.

8. Ceramic Tea Set

You can also prefer this set of teapots for your friends as Holi gifts. Having a hot cuppa with stunning ceramic cups gives sippers a profound feeling and excitement. In fact, one can easily maintain these pots than those made of stainless steel. Therefore, you can consider this as a generous gift for tea lovers.

9. Tea flasks

Tea flasks can also be a remarkable gift for tea lovers because they can keep their favourite cuppa warm for hours within these bottles. Further, they can easily carry this aromatic beverage while going outside for a prolonged period.

10. Tea Bags

You can definitely consider garden-fresh teas from us as a quality gift on this colourful festival occasion. Halmari has various types of teas from the rich fertile Assam valley. These will add new colours to the merriment of your friends. You can purchase these tea gifts online from its official website.


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