Order Flavorful Assorted Tea Box as Holi Gift for Tea Lovers

Splashing of colors, being together with friends and family; enjoying this age-old tradition can never be completed without having appropriate tea throughout the day. When greeting friends and family generally people offering different gifts is part of Holi these days. A flavorful and tasteful box of assorted teas is as special Holi gifts for tea lovers is what most people opt for nowadays. A box of assorted teas is what you can gift to your friends or relatives for the special occasion of Holi. However, it is understandable if you might be confused as to what tea types a box should contain. To help you with this confusion, a list of different Halmari Teas is offered below.

  1. Halmari Gold Green Tea

One of the best teas that every Holi gift box should contain is the gold-green tea. This is created using tea leaves that have been harvested late. Perfectly curled, crinkly, and rolled tea leaves makes up this tea type. When brewed, it offers a remarkable aroma as well as flavors that is exquisite. For a minute or two, this tea needs brewing that offers a light golden color along with an aroma of freshly cut grass. It is refreshing and like all green tea, it provides multiple health benefits that an individual can enjoy.

  1. Halmari Gold Hand-rolled Oolong Tea

Holi gifts for tea lovers should include the hand rolled gold oolong option too, apart from green tea. Generally, it should be of high quality as the best ones are hand rolled oolong leaves and a substantial amount of white and gold buds sprinkled. When brewed it takes a reddish/brown color and gives out a gentle aroma. It tastes mellow and one can get the hint of honey sweetness in it. Apart from these people can enjoy freshness that hand rolled oolong tea offers. These leaves should be added to boiling water and let it brew for three minutes or so. After pouring down, take a whiff and then start enjoying your tea.

  1. Halmari Gold Peppermint Tea

Looking to offer something in the gift box that will help with a person’s digestion? Make sure to add peppermint tea to the gift box. From digestion issues to stomach pain, cramps, and more can be solved by sipping a cup of peppermint tea. The minty flavor makes it refreshing for people to drink it every now and then, especially after playing with colors and other activities during Holi.

  1. Halmari Gold Masala Chai

How can Holi be celebrated without Indian masala chai? It is a must have Holi gifts for tea lovers. Creamy and full-bodied is what one will get when this tea is prepared. It offers an appropriate balance between flavor and aroma that makes every sip taken by a tea lover filled with joy and happiness. The taste one gets includes hints of cardamom, ginger, clove, cinnamon, etc. Moreover, this tea provides drinkers with boosted energy, fight cold, reduce bloating and more. Since everyone plays with colors in Holi and people getting wet for longer duration, a hot cup of masala chai is ideally suited for this occasion.

  1. Halmari Gold Earl Grey Tea

Extremely attractive and aromatic leaves make up the Earl Grey tea. It is made from bergamot and black tea, which is why people get a pleasing bergamot taste along with hints of lavender. Due to its soothing and mellow flavor, it can be enjoyed at any moment of a given day. At least two grams should be brewed for a maximum of three minutes to acquire that idle flavor and aroma.

Your Holi gifts for tea lovers should have these teas in a box. The five mentioned here are a must as a box must have five varieties in it or more. So, either get them is tea bags or order loose to create the perfect Holi gift.


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