Spice Up Your Holi Party with the Colorful Range of Teas

Holi is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by Indians across the world. It is the day of colors that bring together people from different caste, religion, and community. Everyone loves celebrating this day with their near ones by splashing colored water and powders. Tasty sweets and other savory snacking items add more flavors to this festival. However, nothing can replace a cup of chai on the occasion of Holi. This post will help you to buy some amazing teas by which you can add colors to this day with a wide range of colorful teas. So, read thoroughly and take inspiration from the different way-outs you shall find below.

Prepare the Bhang Masala Chai

Holi and bhang complement each other like best friends. A Holi party without bhang is like having Pizza without cheese. In the mornings of this auspicious festival, one can witness a lot of color splashing accompanied by bhang glasses. It is a traditional drink and is a must-have for Holi. Bhang is a cannabis paste prepared using the leaves, seeds, and buds of the marijuana plant.

People in different parts of the nation consume bhang with tea. The combination of bhang masala and tea can take a person to a different world. It is easy to prepare this tea and does not involve too many ingredients. Ready-made bhang masalas are available today that will bring down the preparation time and make the process faster.

You will have to mix the bhang paste with water, milk, sugar, ginger, grounded pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom. Then boil the whole mixture for 15 to 20 minutes on medium flame, and your bhang masala chai will be ready to serve. Therefore, one can buy colorful teas for holi and prepare the famous bhang tea to rock the morning party.

Throw a Tea Party for Your Closed Ones

The mornings are reserved for color parties in Holi and the nights are for cocktail or dinner parties. However, the afternoons often remain unoccupied, and people end up getting bored at home. How about a chai party in the afternoon with your friends or relatives? This will help you strengthen your bond with your near ones and make you spend some quality time with them.

Various flavored and colored teas are available today, such as black tea, green tea, milk tea, English tea, Assam tea, etc. All these variants of tea will add more color to the party and complement the occasion of Holi. You can make the tea party more interesting with some savory snacks and mouth-watering sweets. People attending the party will appreciate your effort and enjoy the lazy afternoon.

On should ensure the decoration and other stuff used in the party is colorful to match the theme. Guests should have a wide range of teas options, which will make the party more colorful. Also, you should pay attention to the cups and keep them in different colors.

Host a Tea Cocktail Party

Holi nights are wasted if a person does not attend a tea cocktail party. The deadly combination of tea and some hard drinks can be the perfect option to end the festival of colors. Therefore, one should prepare in advance and buy colorful teas for holi. Various shades of tea punched with drinks can make the night brighter. Ice tea is great for this occasion since it will help guests stay chilled. The festival of Holi marks the beginning of the warmer climate. Therefore, people will prefer ice cocktail tea over hotter ones. You can add some mixed herbs to the tea and enhance its taste many-fold times.

Guests should be offered their favorite liquor flavor so that they can enjoy their drink more. Hence, you should prepare the guest list and learn everyone’s preferences before you buy colorful teas for holi. You will never go wrong with your tea cocktail party following this trick. Therefore, you can spice up your Holi this year by hosting any of these tea parties.


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