Specialty of Earl Grey Tea Lent to It through Traditional Method of Processing

Earl Grey tea which is primarily known as a British tea actually had its origin in China, where the planters kept experimenting with different flavors of tea to win the hearts of the western tea consumers. They experimented with many fruity and floral flavors, but the Earl Grey Tea was unique one where tea was incorporated with the flavor of Bergamot oil, a successful product that was the result of years of experimentation.

In Britain, the Premium Earl Grey Tea was made popular by Charles Grey, known as the 2nd Earl Grey. It was a beverage that was popular in the royal circle and was consumed primarily by the elite. There are many varying versions regarding the introduction of this flavor of tea in Britain.

The Processing of Earl Grey Tea

There is more than just one way in which people all over the world now experiment with the flavor, however, there is one standard way of processing the tea which includes withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying. For Earl Grey Tea that is made with green tea, the oxidation step is skipped. The flavor of the tea, that is the Bergamot oil, is infused later on. This is either done by spraying or by coating the tea with the essential oil. One can now easily buy grey tea online.

The health benefits of Earl Grey Tea lent to it by its special processing method


Earl Grey tea detoxifies the body by removing free radicals, and it can do so because it is rich in antioxidants. Several toxic particles enter the human body due to habits like smoking and unhealthy lifestyle or due to pollution. These toxic particles damage the body is several ways, affecting organs, and even causing diseases like cancer. The detoxifying effects of the tea counters this by removing the toxic particle from the body.

Helps with Digestion

Earl Grey tea has anti-inflammatory features that helps to relieve multiple problems like constipation, bloating, acidity or other gastric problems. It improves overall digestion, and a cup of the tea an hour after a meal can lead to effective health benefits. It also helps with feelings of nausea and could sooth one when they are feeling pukish.

Helps with Cramps

A hot cup of earl grey tea can work wonders with menstrual cramps. It reduces the bloating and imparts a soothing effect into the stomach, thereby reducing the irritation and countering the cramps. It is one of the effective natural remedies to menstrual cramp. For help with cramps, one can buy grey tea online.

Improves Oral Health

Earl Grey Tea, when consumed regularly, can protect the teeth from decay and it also eliminates the chances of oral infection. This is because this tea is rich in fluoride and catechins. These same components are largely used by toothpaste and mouth wash companies in their products. Regular consumption also protects the enamel of the enamel of the teeth from breakdown.

Thus, one can see that premium earl grey tea is rich in health benefits which it derives from its very special processing. It can be of great help to consumers when taken regularly.

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