The Wisdom of Earl Grey Tea Never Fails to Surprise You!

“A cup of Earl Grey tea would restore my sanity!”

Earl Grey is a black tea which has the flavor of bergamot. This tea itself gives the aura of a sophisticated British aristocrat who has gained years of experience. Going back down the memory lane, this is how the story of Earl Grey began…

The Origin of Earl Grey: The Story Unfolds!

There are numerous stories associated with the mighty Earl Grey Tea. Now, reportedly as the tales go, the drink was named after British Prime Minister Charles Grey. He had saved the life of a Chinese aristocrat’s son, who has renamed a tea after him to show his gratitude.

Another story by the Grey family itself claims that a blend of tea was given to them as a gift from their Mandarin friend, to suit the lime-laden water at Howick Hall. This genius man had used the scented bergamot oil on Chinese black tea to create a blend which will complement the lime water.

While this combination balanced the taste of lime, the flavor and scent were so invigorating, that the guests of Howick Hall demanded the Lady Grey to sell this blend.

However, there is no documented proof of how this tea came into existence though. The general idea states that bergamot tea came into fame around 1820’s when Englishmen tried to mimic a flavor of Chinese black tea.

Today, almost two centuries have passed, but earl grey has evolved like fine wine. One of the most recognized blends of tea globally, according to universal tea drinker’s statistics; nearly 22% of tea drinkers prefer a cup of Earl Grey Tea.

Earl Grey in the 21st Century:

Nowadays, the popularity of Earl Grey Tea transcends back to its fascinating origins. Consumed initially by British aristocrats, this blend of tea is considered classy and was first popularized by the elite sections of the society back in the 90’s.

However, just like seasons change, earl grey has got its variations too. In fact, it has transpired beyond being just a tea these days. Earlier, this tea was brewed and consumed raw. Now, people have started customizing the blend to enhance its taste further; for example, by adding honey or milk or exotic spices.

Moreover, while this blend was drunk to relief stress and inhibit anxiety, now tea lovers use it to complement their evening tete-e-tetes. Additionally, millennials are using this blend for making lattes or iced tea too.

Earl Grey in a Nutshell!

The relaxing Earl grey tea with its indulgent flavor is a perfect age-old companion of lime cakes and chocolate chip cookies. Moreover, this drink owing to its citrus components induces a sense of calmness and tranquillity in its drinkers.

Thus, with its growing popularity over time, Earl Grey is to evolve like fine wine!

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