Is It Possible to Fight Belly Fat with Lemon Grass Tea?

Before beginning to explore the possibilities of Lemon Grass Tea to fight belly fat, let’s take a look at what this tea is.

Cymbopogon citratus, or commonly known as lemon grass, is a plant native to South and Southeast Asia. Specifically, Indonesia and Philippines are the two counties that grow this plant in abundance.

One can buy lemon green tea bags online as it comes with numerous health benefits. The dried leaves of this plant are brewed for flavoring as well as to prepare its tea.

Other than the leaves, the oil from this plant includes antibacterial, antidepressant, antipyretic, analgesic, antifungal, and carminative properties. Lemon grass tea works as a natural weight loss and belly fat reduction remedy. Owing to its following features, it has the capability to reduce belly fat:

1. Anti-oxidants
Lemongrass tea is filled with antioxidant, detoxing, and diuretic properties. These factors act together to remove all excess toxins from the human body. These help to improve the performance of kidneys and liver, and influences gastrointestinal properties. These collectively can aide in reducing body fat and also those in the belly.

2. Potassium
Owing to the rich potassium content in lemon grass tea, it formulates in keeping high-blood pressure in check. Moreover, it also stimulates urine production and thereby influences blood circulation in the body.
All of these play a significant role in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL) thereby aiding in maintaining cardiovascular health.

3. Polyphenols
Due to its large content of polyphenols in this tea, it helps in regulating the metabolism rate. This increases the digestion rate and also aides in burning calories.
Hence, it oxidises fatty acids and also burns fat in the body thereby reducing fat content from one’s torso region.

4. Citral
Buy lemon green tea bags online as it contains citral in abundance. Citral produces the strong lemon or citrus smell in the tea and also further oxidizes fatty acids as well. Thereby, Citral also helps in reducing ones weight by targeting the fat content in them especially in the belly.

Other Benefits of Lemon Grass Tea:
Other than reducing belly fat, lemon grass tea also has several other benefits.

I. Owing to the abundance of Vitamin A and C, lemon grass tea works like a charm to improve skin health. Influencing blood circulation, it prevents pimples and eczema.

II. Its antifungal and antibacterial agents help in curing flu, cold, and cough. It reduces nose congestion and also improves the overall immunity.

III. Lemon grass tea works exceptionally in reducing menstrual cramps and pains in women.

Knowing so many benefits of lemon green tea won’t you give it a try? If you are also looking to reduce your belly fat naturally and without hitting the gym, you can buy lemon green tea bags online and say goodbye to that flab!


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