Which is the Best Place to Buy Lemon Green Tea Bags?

Do you prefer some zesty citric flavor in your morning brew of green tea? Then why not go for lemon green tea bags? They are convenient, easy to make and far less messy than conventional loose tea leaves.

Moreover, loose tea leaves do not have many options in flavors.

As you must already be aware of, green tea incurs a long list of health benefits. Starting from weight loss to cancer prevention to reducing diabetes and cholesterol, the list can go on for full page! Now, adding some lemon to it multiplies the list of health boosters.

Vitamin C which is the key active nutrient of lemon is an acidic ingredient that helps to break down the catechins in green tea. It helps the body to absorb this antioxidant six times faster!

But…but…but, a question that crops up at this point is- how do you know if your green tea is at all performing these tasks?

Simply by ensuring to buy the lemon green tea bags from a top grade seller!

How to Know which is the Best Tea Seller or Manufacturer?

It is not as tough a job as you treat it to be. Follow the pointers below to know about the best place to buy green tea with a lemony twist!

Reputation Matters!

That’s like the first ground rule. Since tea is nothing more than some dried leaves, you’ll have no idea about its grade or quality by having a look at it. Or, tossing it in your hand or even by smelling the bags.

Therefore, look for a seller who has a global repute. Usually, leading Assam tea manufacturers hold a pioneering position in the global tea trade.

Do they have Enough Variety?

The best seller must be capable of offering a variety of flavors in tea. Starting from chamomile and CTC to oolong and green tea – they must have something new to offer!

So, look for all kinds of condiments, like green tea with lemon, hand rolled oolong tea, white tea and so on…

Is the Price Worth it?
Even tea has become an expensive venture in this overpriced world. So, the obvious notion that people harbour is – more the cost, better is the quality.

But, wait! What if someone tells you that you could get top grade tea leaves at a much lesser price?

There are tea manufacturer-cum-sellers who offer excellent quality leaves and tea bags at a reduced price than usual vendors. Yes! You just have to hunt them down!

Tea Bag Quality is a must Check!

Poor quality paper tea bags are all around the market and have made their way through so many kitchens. However, when you are buying green tea bags, you must know better.

Look for sellers who have tea leaves packed inside pyramid shaped tea bags. Woven into small net like mesh, nylon tea bags have larger holes that allow better flavor extraction. Adding to this, the pyramid structure allows the tea leaves to move around freely that finally crafts a refreshing brew!

Now that you know the way to get your hands on the Best Lemon Green Tea Bags, make no mistake while you purchase!

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