Experience the Novelty of Gold with Halmari’s New Launch, 22K Gold Tea

How about tasting luxury in every sip of your tea?

Yes, Halmari is here with its new launch, 22K Gold Tea. This ultra-fine blend of tea and gold leaves you enriched with the goodness of pure 22-carat gold. Keep it for special occasions to enjoy with your loved ones or serve it to your elite guests. It offers an unmatched grandeur to everyone and leaves a long-lasting mellow flavor after every drink.

The tea is not just unique to sip, but it also offers a treat to the eye with its soft yet sparkly golden hue.

The Exquisiteness of these Black Tea Leaves

The hand-plucked summer second flush leaves in this 22K Gold Tea are purely orthodox in their making. Every stage of preparation is carried out in a traditional style, finally producing oxidised jet-black leaves.

Gold Infusion

The non-tippy leaves are infused with real gold leaves to add a subtle and delicate flavor to the brew. Rich in nutrition, this gold brew helps enhance your skin’s radiance and rejuvenates it.

A Novel Brew

The Halmari 22K Gold Tea makes for an elegant beverage, and you can experience the best orthodox gold brew in every cup. Simmer it for a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes to get the perfect flavor and aroma. Add in some milk and sugar for an enhanced taste.

Packed with Nutrition

The luxury brew is not just for experiencing elegance. It is also packed with the high nutritional value of black tea and gold. Rich in antioxidants and skin-rejuvenating properties, the tea offers as much of health benefits as the exquisiteness. And the calories? Well, that’s ZERO.

What more do you need when looking for a novel cup of brew? Maybe a little more? So, there you are!

You can keep it as a memento or souvenir as well to show off some royalty in your choices. Besides, a 100-gram pack of 22K Gold Tea comes at Rs. 10,000 only. That makes it more than good to gift to a sophisticated tea lover.

So, why wait? Place your order for these classic black tea leaves infused with pure gold! They make for a perfect companion during lavish feasts or for pampering a loved one. You can get your hands on this Halmari product online.

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