Why Halmari Gold Golden Tips Gets Sold Before 2019 Batch is Made?

There are few orthodox black teas around the world that rouse frenzy amongst tea lovers and Halmari Gold Golden Tips recently is all set to top that list.

Sold out even before the 2019 batch is made, are you curious to find out what makes this Halmari’s Gold Golden Tips range the elixir of life for global tea lovers?

Dig in to find out –

Falling amongst the finest global orthodox tea ranges, the Gold Golden range is manufactured with careful consideration. Hand plucked by experienced workers from Assam’s evergreen fields; the leaves undergo a lengthy process of whitening, rolling & oxidisation to produce the premium blend for users.

The Orthodox Gold Golden Range – Why is it Irresistible?

Each cup of Halmari Gold Golden Tips tea produces a combination of sweet & strong flavoring which can reinvigorate any tired soul. Astringent, strong, with a malty flavoring, this brew hits the senses in a rush, alleviating stress & boosting energy levels.

With flavonoids, antioxidants and 0 Calories, each mug of Gold Golden range by Halmari provides a plethora of health benefits. Ideal for weight loss and promoting a healthy lifestyle, tea lovers also include this refreshing brew in their diets owning to its multipurpose uses.

Ideal Scenarios to use the Gold Golden Tips –

1. Morning Cuppa:

For all those sleepy souls out there, the first sip of the morning Gold Golden Tips can help in inducing energy and building focus. Additionally, the antioxidants & flavonoids help in jumpstarting body metabolism which helps to stay fit & supple all day.

2. Kitty Parties:

For all the weekend kitty parties, the creamy texture of the orthodox Halmari Gold Golden Tips proves to be an ideal companion for all ladies & gents alike. Paired alongside with cookies and muffins, the malty flavoring of the tea is highlighted and brings a sense of warmth to its drinkers.

3. Rainy Days:

According to a few Facebook discussion panels, many customers cherish the brown liquor texture and enjoy savoring its strong, smooth flavor on rainy days. Cuddling alongside an emotionally stirring novel, this blend compliments the ambiance and helps the mind relax and unwind.

4. Work Time Companion:

When stress is high, and focus needs to be on-point, a steaming cup of Gold Golden Tips by Halmari is just the blend to sip. Ideal in reducing cortisol, the caffeine along with L- Theanine present in the blend eradicates stress and builds concentration.

5. After Gym Beverage:

If you’re pulling the weights and are under a strict diet, Halmari Gold Golden Tips is one go-to brew. Containing no calories with a unique smooth flavoring, the robust black blend can be an alternative to bitter black coffee.

Additionally, this range of orthodox black tea eliminates free radicals from the body too! So with all these benefits to the bag, it’s not surprising that tea-enthusiasts are purchasing this blended form Halmari as soon as it hits the store.

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