A Delightful take on 5 Refreshing Recipes with Earl Grey Tea Bags

In this modern age and continually changing climatic aura, people are always in hunt of something which soothes both mind and soul. With that, they also want it to be beneficial for health terms.

Voila – the good news arrives!

Now, the hunt ends right here, as you can relish some brewed drinks like tea. Yes, you can also enjoy easy and quick made recipes with these new and exclusive earl grey tea bags.

Who doesn’t like tea, whether it’s the season of orange-hued summer or chilly winters – tea always comes to our soothing rescue. And, later it also positively adds up to our health concerns like cures sore throat, cough and cold; act as a stress reliever or many more.

Tea can be paired up with some more condiments or some extra flavors to have a whole newcomer as in iced mocktails etc.

Let’s view upon these five amazing recipes, to try and feel the refreshing vibe:-

1. Earl Grey with Ginger Fizz – 

Ginger, which is excellent for digestion process can be paired up with ginger ale, a spoon of lemon juice, a half-cut orange slicing for garnish and flavor. Next, boil up the water, infuse one tea bag, and ginger ale then let it rest for three to five minutes. After it, remove the tea bag then add lemon juice and pour it with the slice of orange, give a slight stir to give all condiments in it a mix.

2. Summer Lemony –

With earl grey tea bags, the aromatic drink tastes perfect when combined with citrusy lemon juice. You need to take a glass of water, add ice, and lemon juice in it. After that, join it with a tea bag and give it a mild stir. Wait for three minutes – and it’s ready to be sipped.

3. Green Minty with Crushed Chamomile –

It is the perfect one to have during the summer-y afternoons. Prepare it by infusing earl grey tea bags, a slice of lemon, crushed mint leaves and chamomile flavor or flowers. Give it a stir and simmer it for five minutes and let it cool. Add some extra flavours or iced as per your taste and enjoy it by sipping it slowly.

4. Strawberry and Mango Push –

Yes, just the one for all occasions. It is a quickly made tea recipe, having a mellow taste with a hint of strawberry and mango crushers. Firstly, do up with a glass of earl grey tea, and then add some mixed crush of strawberry and mango. Stir it, add ice, and garnish it with a slice of strawberry.

5. Iced Tea with a Tint of Cucumber –

Buy earl grey tea online and give your mid-days a kick-start with this recipe in our list. Boil water, add tea and simmer it for five minutes. After cooling it, add ice and minty cucumber syrup to it. Garnish it with lemon slices and serve.

Each of these recipes will make you experience, the rich and evergreen taste of nature’s best brew – tea.

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