A Cup of Tea to Stay Warm and Healthy This Winter

As the weather gets chillier, a perfectly brewed cup of tea is what everyone looks forward to keep warm and drive away all those winter morning blues. Besides, waking up to a steaming cup of cha on a cold winter’s day is one of those simple pleasures that should be treasured. While black tea from Assam is undoubtedly one of the favourites because of its rich, malty flavour and brisk finish, one can also consider trying out other varieties of tea this winter to keep warm. It includes –

Green Tea

Green leaves are only slightly oxidized and are allowed to retain their original green pigment as much as possible. As a result, this type of cha has a light, fresh aroma and is only mildly astringent.
Green cha first originated in China. It was then introduced in Japan in 1190 by a priest who had been studying at the Buddhist monasteries in China.

Oolong Tea

This traditional Chinese tea falls into a category of its own. In case of oolong, the leaves after being harvested are partly oxidized, the level of which is decided by the cha master. Thus this variety of cha contains the characteristics of both green and black cha. One of the main steps in oolong processing is rolling. It is where the final shape, colour, and aroma of oolong tea is decided based on how and when the leaves are being rolled.

White Tea

When it comes to processing, White leaves are oxidized for even less time than green. Moreover, the leaves are harvested when the buds are not even fully open. During this time, the buds are covered in silvery-white hair which is why this variety of tea is called white cha. They have a very delicate flavour profile which ranges from fruity, sweet, floral to woody depending on the region it is from. White also originated in China where ordinary people paid tribute to the emperor in the form of young, delicate buds and new leaves from plants.

Flavoured Teas

In this type of teas, additional flavours are added or infused with black or green leaves to create a unique blend. For instance, Earl Grey is usually made from a blend of high-quality black tea and a citrusy fruit like Bergamot. In some case, they are also infused with aromatic flowers like lavender. Similarly, peppermint is also a combination of fragrant mint leaves with black tea. One can also consider herbal which are prepared from only dried herbs, spices and other natural flavours and contain neither black nor green leaves.

Moreover, sipping on a cup of tea during the winters is also suitable for health. This comforting beverage is loaded with antioxidants like polyphenols, amino acids and variety of essential minerals that boost the immune system and keeps various diseases at bay. Drinking cha regularly will also improve metabolism, reduce belly fat and accelerate weight loss, thus promoting overall health and wealth being.

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