Common Black Tea Myths

There may be many reasons for you to drink tea. May be you are finding an alternative to coffee or want to simply enjoy the taste of tea. Whatever be the reason, a person may have several questions in mind like how to brew the tea properly, etc. Many people have tried to answer these questions, but they have landed up with wrong notions. You are advised not to make decisions based on such notions. After all, you will be enjoying some of the finest blends produced by tea manufacturers in Assam.

Myths That You Need to Avoid

Boiling Water Destroys Delicate Tea

Many people believe that brewing Black Tea in boiling water destroys all its nutrients and flavor. Brewing experts suggest that black tea should be steeped in boiling water. Dark oolong tea and black tea work well in hot water so as to extract full range of flavor.

As a rule of thumb, the hotter you steep the tea, more robust and darker your tea will be. If the water is somewhat cool, then the tea will taste mild and sweeter. You need to set your brewing parameters accordingly.

Caffeine Content in Black Tea is High

The fact is all variants of tea contain caffeine. However, the amount of caffeine found in tea is less than coffee. Some tea manufacturers in Assam and some experts have categorized tea in terms of caffeine content.

The concentration of caffeine depends on how the black tea has been prepared. A Cup of Black Tea may contain 25 mg of caffeine and go up to 90. The amount of caffeine also depends on how the tea plant is grown, the size of leaves and processing techniques deployed. Two black teas produced from the same region may have different caffeine contents.

Black Tea Should Be Brewed for Long Time

Some people suggest that black tea should be brewed for five minutes. However, they forget to take into account the size of the leaf and the kind of brewing required for that tea. Brewing style also depends on the amount of water used for given quantity of tea.

If you dip a black tea bag in a mug, it hardly consumes a minute or two for brewing. If you select the whole leaf, you need to devote a little time more. While brewing Black Tea, do not follow mechanical approach. For best results, consider Chinese styled brewing techniques that deploy very short steeps, small pots and many leaves.

Black Tea Produced Through Organic Means Is Of Superior Quality

For the past couple of years, consumers have been demanding for organic tea, as they want to stay fit. The pressure to go organic is also a boon for the soil of a region. The organic farming techniques help check erosion of soil.

Now the question is whether the government certified organic tea is best for health. It depends on the situation. For example, a Tea Factory in Assam may follow pure organic methods of farming and processing tea. Another tea company located adjacent to the organic tea farm may use pesticides for growing tea. Those pesticides may contaminate the produce of the organic tea company through air or groundwater. This way quality cannot be assured.

These are the myths related to black tea. Avoid these myths to enjoy the Best Taste of Assam Black Tea.


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