Buy Jasmine Green Tea in USA to Relish the Flavorful Aromatic Potion

The aromatic Jasmine flavor blended with green tea leaves became famous in China during Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The blend of floral flavors in the rich herbal green tea makes it one of a kind and is a potion that is not only soothing but has numerous health benefits. Breaking the stereotype that ‘healthy can’t be tasty’, this flavourful tea has paved its path all the way from Asia to the United States. Now, you can buy Jasmine green tea in the USA either from offline stores or via online mode and relish the beverage whenever you want.

Production of Jasmine Green Tea

The green tea leaves are harvested when they are fresh at times of late spring. The plucked tea leaves then have to go through several processes before it becomes a whole product that tea lovers buy.

I. Drying – The green tea leaves are allowed to dry naturally under sunlight so that it retains the rich delicate flavor. Nevertheless, tea factories utilise other popular techniques of drying like steaming, roasting, etc. Leaves that are processed using steam technique exhibit a grassy and sweet flavor whereas the roasted green tea leaves give a smoky flavor.

II. Fusing scent or Flavor – Jasmine blossoms are used for the process and are plucked when they are ready for harvest. The aromatic flowers are then sent to cool warehouses where they are infused with the green tea leaves which absorb the fragrance. The process is repeated by removing the dried flowers with fresh buds till the green tea is rich and flavourful. Finally, they are allowed to dry so that any excess moisture is removed.

III. Packaging – in this process, the jasmine blossoms can either be removed or can be retained inside the topic. The packaging depends upon the type of tea, powders, loose leafs, tea bags, etc.

With so many options to choose from, you can select the preferred one and buy Jasmine green tea and unfurl the contents in a magical cup of tea.

Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea

The aroma of Jasmine blossom blended with green tea leaves aren’t just restricted to provide a soothing and refreshing feel to your taste buds as it works wonder in several other aspects. Here, have a look at the benefits of sipping a cup of Jasmine green tea!

  • Helps reducing common cold and flu – The high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants in the tea makes the immunity system stronger and thereby helping you fight common cold, flu, etc.
  • Accelerates the process of weight loss – Green tea is known to have satisfactory effects in the process of weight loss. Further, the addition of Jasmine helps by speeding up metabolism rate and the taste obviously is an add-on.
  • Aromatherapy – The presence of Jasmine in the green tea makes it a legit element for aromatherapy because of its medicinal qualities. It helps reduce heart rate for patients suffering from anxiety and uplift one’s mood.

You can try Jasmine green tea to just relish the aromatic and flavourful beverage or for the several benefits it has. Nonetheless, the beverage will surely help uplift mood and sooth any stress.

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