Reminiscing the Reason for Origin of the Jasmine Green Tea

The origin of this marvellous amalgamation of fragrant jasmine and refreshing green tea goes back to Zhejiang Province in China. However, this herbal concoction became a rage and garnered global attention of tea-lovers owing to its refreshing taste and rejuvenating after-effects. Also, the fact that it is laden with the number of health benefits makes premium jasmine green tea a popular beverage for tea-lovers. Consequently, the luxurious brew deserves to be celebrated by reminiscing its origin and popularity across the globe.

The Story of the Origin

It is said that jasmine green tea was first produced during the rule of the Song Dynasty in China over 1000 years ago. By the time the Ming Dynasty was in power, the process of mixing fragrant jasmine tea with refined green tea had developed significantly.

Likewise, the commercialisation of this magnificent blend was largely practised during the Qing Dynasty and was processed for mass consumption. Resultantly, more number of people was drawn towards its sweet, refreshing taste and health-properties globally.

This, in turn, paved the way for quality preparation of jasmine green tea and enabled it to receive the much-acclaimed love and appreciation it enjoys now.

The Preparation Process

The perfect blend of health and happiness is concocted by infusing the aromatic jasmine buds with the freshness of green tea. The magnificent duo is then rolled to extract the soothing flavour, brilliant aroma and smooth taste.

Additionally, the mix is thoroughly processed to obtain the much-talked-about taste and flavour that leaves one rejuvenated. Further, the packaging process plays a key role in retaining the flavourful essence of this miraculous preparation. For instance, special care is taken to prevent moisture from coming in contact with the assorted tea-leaves of jasmine green tea to safeguard it from spoilage.

Perks of Jasmine Green Tea

Not only the origin story but also the benefits of this wonderous amalgamation are worth discussing. On the same notes, the following pointers sums up the perks of this Jasmine Green Tea –

  • This flavourful brew is nothing less of a magic potion owing to its rich anti-inflammatory and ant-oxidant properties. These properties not only help to flush out the harmful toxins from the system but also improves the health of the skin. It further helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and other premature signs of ageing.
  • Similarly, those who enjoy a cup of jasmine green tea frequently would notice an improvement in their immune system and improvement in their overall health in general. Also, they would feel a jolt of energy pacing through their body most of the day.
  • Likewise, the soothing floral aroma and the refreshing taste induce relaxation and help reduce stress and anxiety considerably. Further, the anti-inflammatory property helps to alleviate pain and calms sore muscles.

One can avail the goodness of ancient secrets that accompany this marvellous concoction by ordering jasmine green tea online! By including this flavoursome preparation into one’s morning regime, one is bound to start his/her day on a great note!

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