Why Would You Choose Second Flush Tea? Facts & Insights!

According to the current news reports –

The strike in the hills has affected the plucking of the second flush and hence, the quality may not be up to the mark this year. That’s not all! This has also led to the decreased export of this flush from the Indian terrain and affected the palette of quite a number of tea-lovers.

Now, do you wish to know as to what is so special about this, or why would one Buy Second Flush Tea over its other competitors? Well, there are aplenty answers to this, but nothing can be a better one than knowing certain facts and insights on the same.

Scroll down and check out the same for yourself!

What is this Second Flush All About?

For the uninitiated, the second flush is the time period between June and mid-August when tea leaves are plucked and sent for packing. From early summer to monsoon, these leaves have their maturity period and absorb the monsoon rains. It is courtesy to this that their muscatel flavor is a hot pick for one and all!

One can store this tea for a longer period and ‘is the one’ for auction sale.

Now, before you try buying a pack, here’re some other facts and figures of this variety to keep you hooked.

Some Facts that You cannot Miss Out:

  1. Second flush (especially of the Assam variety) is known for its robust characteristics topped with classic malt flavor.
  2. These, being matured and fruity in nature, are less astringent to their initial pick.
  3. This leaf constitutes a stronger flavor profile. Hence, its color varies from dark brownish to rich copper red.
  4. Black or green teas, along with peach, apricot and Earth, lemon and chamomile flavors, are the options available in this second category.

Quite interested to Buy Second Flush Tea for this season? Well reader, you may not know, but the magic of this second flush is created by a symbiotic relationship between the leaves and the insects which inhabit it. Yes, it affects the profile. 

Some Deeper Insights For A Tea-Lover!

Since you have already reached out for this next generation of flush, you must know what suits your taste-buds in the misty October mornings. Hence, add a dash of milk to this variety and brew the leaves for 5-6 minutes for that steaming cup of first love. Topping it with scones is a great idea indeed.

So, all set to buy second flush tea for the first time? Hope you have a great experience tasting this brew. After all, it is not without a reason that it is known as the best brew of all times! Enjoy your cuppa!


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