Sipping the Varied 6 Cups of Good Health from the Second Flush!

It is time to TEA. As the clock ticks at 4 pm and the second innings of your day starts, it is time to sip a cup of liquor brew. With the stress of morning work streaming up your veins, there is nothing better than a hot cup of leafy beverage to refresh your system. If this is so, then why are there so many conditions applied in your tea top? The reason is, in those market boxes of commercial tea, with just less to no hint of goodness, mixed with extra calories of cream, milk and sugar; you are possibly ruining your health rather than building it.

On the other hand, tea from the best estates of Assam is known for its goodness and health benefits. Moreover, now with the new range of Second Flush Teas, every day you can have the blessing of health body from the North-Eastern corner of India. Take a tour and know which one is the best for you.

6 Varieties of Flavour Blended with Good Health for You to Sip…

Halmari Gold Lemon Green Tea –

Start your day by detoxifying your body! Sounds like a good deal? Then there is more. Because of its high antioxidants, this tea variety cleanses your system, increases metabolic rate, enhances immunity system and makes you feel rejuvenated all day long.

Halmari Gold Chamomile Tea –

Due to undeniable stress, a lot of people are suffering from insomnia or sleeping disorder. As a result, you welcome discomfort in life. However, now you have the chance to terminate it with a cup of gold Chamomile. The ancient trick to relax your body is now available in dips.

Next, when you hit the bed at night after sipping this magic beverage, slumber will be ready by your side.

Halmari Gold Golden Tips –

This is one of the best tippy harvests in Assam that lets you sip cups full of vitamins and minerals. As no stem is included in this, it provides a distinct flavour to it. And now with the availability of these in authentic online Assam tea estate sites, you can order this variety from the comfort of your home.

Halmari Gold Earl Grey Tea –

The tea is for your teeth!” What?? Yes, Earl Grey is rich in antioxidants, fluoride and catechin, making this a great oral care. But there are other benefits too! Starting with metabolism, digestion, elevated energy level to relieving stress, it has it all.

Halmari Gold Silver Needles –

Another tippy produce to taste. With a hint of silver on the leaf tips, it is the best way to begin your evening by having a cup of freshly brewed brown liquor. There is small hair around the buds that well protects the plant for any problem and yields one of the best tea you will ever taste.

Halmari Gold Masala Chai –

India’s favourite masala chai is now available with healthy benefits. Instead of adding only sugar for flavour, this tea has several spices mixed in it and will rejuvenate your evening body!

So, which cup do you want? Just ensure to get them from the authenticity of Assam.

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