Warm Up Your Winter Mornings with Luscious Chamomile Tea

Winters are here!! Holiday parties, Christmas, skiing, snowmen, cosy fires….. and a cup of mint chocolate mocha lattes!

How about ditching the latte and going in for a cup of chamomile tea this season? It’s quite healthy. As per the latest research, it has the power to save you from all those seasonal issues. To start off with – it tastes great, is an herbal drink (Queen of herbal teas as they call it) and eases the wintertime anxiety.

Yet the query is – why winters? After all, what is it with winter mornings and chamomile tea? Since you are already on this page, just scroll down a little, and you will get all the answers to your queries.

Why Start Your Winter Mornings with Chamomile Tea?

With options as black tea, black coffee, Choco-latte available for a head start on a winter morning, why must you try out the flavor of chamomile tea? Here’re your reasons –

An Herbal Drink – The Necessity In Today’s Times

It is not a regular sight to find herbal drinks serving all your needs. Therefore, when you find one – chamomile tea in this case, grab it immediately.

This drink helps one to relax and deal with seasonal issues as cough, cold and fever. Also, for reducing inflammation and under-eye dark circles, this is a great remedy. Its rich phosphorous property helps to fight cancer and treat neural problems.

Reduces Those Unbearable Period Spasms

Winters call for terrible period pain, and nothing can be better than a cup of chamomile tea in the morning. Having antispasmodic properties in it not only reduces prostaglandins production but also relaxes the uterus.

Your Skin now has a Natural Healer – The Ayurveda Style

Back in the times of Ayurveda, there were no formal pills to heal your skin issues. Now, though there are, winters are never kind to one’s skin. Therefore, you need a solution that can help you deal with it internally!

  • Derived from Matricaria chamomilla L, this tea has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help deal with skin issues as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Its anti-oxidant properties also help to lighten the skin tone and preserve it against the harsh winters. You can bid goodbye to those acne and sudden breakouts.
  • For most people, winters mean – dumping their sunscreen! Naturally, chances of sunburns remain high. A cup of chamomile tea on your winter mornings can help you reduce the spots, albeit with time.
  • Its anti-ageing properties are something that one and all know about.

Need one say more? Winters are in need of this drink for sure!

Tip: Before you rush to get a pack of your current favorite(it must have already reached this position), do make sure that the retailer is an authentic one. With multiple fake products flooding the market, it is time you choose the correct one.

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