Top 4 Spicy Add-Ons to Boost up Your Masala Chai

Every year, around 1 billion Indians consume approximately 837,000 tons of tea. The huge figure can clearly justify why Masala tea, an Indian speciality, has gained popularity all over the world. The Americans and Europeans are all head over heels for the rich taste and aromatic flavor of masala chai! It is prepared with warm milk in addition to Indian spices. The result is a strong flavor punched with the exquisite spice seasoning that kicks your energy levels up, while filling your tummy!

Yes, masala tea is quite filling as it has the boiled milk and sugar.

To brew that perfect cup of masala tea, one needs to know what kind of spices to add. The most popular spices include clove, cardamom and ginger. However, one can always choose the path of improvising the cup of masala tea with some other spicy add-ons! Now, any and every Indian spice is not meant for tea brewing! To help readers try their hands on an Amazing Brew of Indian Masala Chai, here are the top 4 spicy add-ons!

1. Peppercorns –

Peppercorns are known for their spicy nature. For masala tea, white peppercorns are preferable. The difference between the black and white variant is very basic. When the dried black peppers are peeled off, the remaining inside portion comes out as white peppercorns.

They make a great ingredient to add to your brew of masala chai. For 2 cups, you can either add 4 to 5 whole peppercorns to boiling milk or grind them along with the other spices before adding to the boiling mixture of water and milk.

Peppercorns are great medicinal spices for it has huge anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. When coupled with the antioxidants of tea, this kind of brew purges one’s body of all kinds of toxic impurities.

2. Fennel Seeds –

Apart from green cardamom, a great spice addition for a refreshing cup of masala tea is of course, fennel seeds! Crushed to a powder, they give a slight anise or liquorice note to your favorite beverage. Add about one-fourth teaspoon of powdered fennel seeds for two cups.

Fennel seeds top the list for curing digestive issues. They produce gastric enzymes and help in reduction of bloating, indigestion and IBS. Additionally, if someone ticks sugar off their daily cup of tea and add fennel seeds to the brew, it is a great cure for diabetes as well!

3. Star Anise –

A little taken back? Well, sit up to read this- star anise can indeed be a great add-on to your daily cup of chai! Star anise is a great flavoring ingredient for both tea and soup. One can boil a whole, dried star anise food along with milk and water to extract its juice or can ground it into powder and add to the brew. Both ways, it makes for a dark color and aromatic smell!

In China, star anise is regarded as a medicinal aid. Therefore, people who stay away from sweetened milk tea fearing the heart burns and acidity can now have masala chai with an addition of star anise!

4. Cinnamon Stick –

Cinnamon stick should have been mentioned at first! However, people are quite aware of the exquisite flavor of cinnamon, an exotic South-Asian spice. Roast and grind 1.5 inches long cinnamon stick to powder and add them to the brew. Enjoy a strong masala infused tea that’s both refreshing and rejuvenating!

However, to bring out the best of these spices, it is imperative to Buy Fine Quality Indian Masala Chai. Assam is the lead producer of this tea variant. Buy only from authenticate online sellers to ensure you have the best brew of masala chai!


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