Tea or Coffee: 15 Benefits of Tea over Coffee

Tea is for every mood! It comforts you when you come home after a long day with its soothing aroma. It is tricky to choose between tea or coffee; both are good stimulants and a great choice of beverage. But who doesn’t enjoy a warm cup of masala tea on a rainy day? It seems like we have a winner.

Don’t believe it? Here are 15 reasons why you should choose tea over coffee.

1. Hydrates and Replenishes

Tea indeed contains less caffeine, but it has additional benefits too. For example, research has proven that tea consumed in a moderate amount can be as hydrating as water.

2. Keeps The Energy Up for Hours

Tea is better than coffee because it doesn’t stimulate a sudden rush; it gradually enhances the energy. Thus, keeping the energy level up for a much longer period.

3. Enhances Your Focus

Tea is rich in L-theanine, one of the powerful antioxidants. And when it is combined with caffeine, it helps maintain alertness focus and sharpens your attention. So the next time you are stuck between tea or coffee, choose wisely.

4. Flavourful Kick-Starter

Studies have shown that green tea can help lose weight as its key benefit is improving metabolism. Even as your pre-workout drink, tea is better than coffee significantly.

5. Calorie-Free

You can enjoy any flavoured iced tea or a hot cup of Darjeeling first flush without worrying about any calories. Any flavoured tea can be a good substitution for those soft drinks labeled as the “calorie-free energy drink“.

6. Good for Bones and Teeth

Drinking tea over coffee keeps the bone healthy. A study has shown tea can reduce the chance of osteoporosis. One of the significant benefits of tea is, unlike coffee, it doesn’t lead to discolouration of the teeth.

7. Protects from Chronic Diseases

Caffeine and herbal teas contain a natural substance called polyphenols. This substance is known to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer. However, not all tea can provide this benefit, but green tea can.

8. Keeps the Heart Healthy

For any Indian, a cup of masala chai is like medicine. Tea indeed keeps the heart-healthy. The flavonoids in black tea prevent plaque from build-up in the arteries, thus reducing stress on the heart.

9. Regulate Blood Pressure

In terms of the well-being of our body, tea is better than coffee. Herbal teas like hibiscus and rooibos contain zero caffeine. It also improves blood pressure, boosts good cholesterol, and improves liver health.

10. Aids in Digestion

Green teas are among the least processed teas. It thus contains higher amounts of polyphenols. Among the other benefits of tea, it helps treat nausea, upset stomach, and even diarrhea.

11. Stress-Buster

Always choose the former when you cannot choose between tea or coffee. Herbal teas are a great beverage that helps as an anti-depressant and boosts your mood. 

12. Keeps Your Mind Healthy Too

The next time you feel a bit blue, make yourself a good cup of hot tea. Tea is always known to calm you down. You can try flavours like gold lemon or peppermint tea to charge up!

13. Improves immune system

One of the significant benefits of tea is improving the immune system. However, tea cannot cure any ailment, but it can help develop the body’s immunity. Therefore, researchers suggest that consuming tea regularly can promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

14. Tons of Flavour

Although coffee too comes in different flavours, tea has more variety. It ranges from herbal to fruity and citrus. Moreover, you can assign tea flavours according to your mood. For instance, go for a silver needle white teacup if you feel tired.

15. Easier to Make

Making the perfect cup of tea is much easier than brewing coffee. You just need to boil the water first, then add the tea leaves once it has fully boiled. And let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then, voila! Your golden beverage is ready.

In the future, when you find yourself caught between tea or coffee, you know which one to choose!

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