Say No To The Cavity With A Cuppa of Halmari Tea

Tea is a daily dose of energy for most of us. It revitalizes our senses and helps us deal with the daily chores. Being a traditionally valued drink in India, we treat everyone with a cup of this rejuvenating drink regularly. But do you know? Along with the refreshing effects, it also contains several beneficial ingredients that bless our bodies with ample benefits. From heart health to skin, it profits us in many ways. One such boon is preventing tooth decay. There are plenty of teas type that help us battle the germs associated with tooth decay.

Halmari produces many such teas which prevent us from having cavities. You can buy CTC tea from us and experience the boons of this magical ingredient. So, we are here to put light on the teas which are cultivated in our gardens of Assam and brought to you to boast its benefits on you.

Teas for preventing cavity

White tea

With zero calories, white teas are a great source of nutrients for managing many health issues. The soft silvery-tipped leaves are packed in the goodness of antioxidants which fight many microbes harming our body. It has a high fluoride content that is an essential component to battle the bacteria related to tooth decay. Besides, keeping your teeth safe, it also helps with maintaining good gum health as the fluorides are beneficial to avoiding plaque formation as well. Halmari produces the best quality white tea which is enriched in ingredients good for our well-being. If you make it your daily drink it enhances teeth and gum health.

Premium jasmine green tea

Like white, jasmine green teas also are packed in fluoride. It acts in a similar way as that of white teas. In addition to fluorides, it also has tannins. These molecules inhibit plaque-causing bacteria predominantly. It is also good for controlling digestive issues as green teas has the highest concentration of antioxidants among all the tea types. Halmari produces premium jasmine green tea which releases a sweet floral aroma the moment it is brewed. You can make it your travel partner as we offer small tea bags in handy packages along with the bulk tea packages.

Black tea

The most popular tea worldwide, This is enriched with ingredients to make you fit and fabulous. It not only rejuvenates your body but also cleanses your tired mind. Moreover, it contains fluorides in similar amounts as that of white tea which makes it a perfect tea for avoiding cavities. In Halmari we use orthodox leaves of black tea along with some golden tips to make it takes even better. Our second flushed black teas are the most-loved among our ardent buyers. Once you start with our range going back to the local ones is not a possibility. Best quality Assam tea made with an amalgamation of tradition and technology gives you the finest flavors to relish. You can even add a dash of milk to the liquor of black tea and enjoy a hot cup of “chai” wherever you feel like treating your tastebuds.

Oolong tea

The breathtaking aroma of oolong comes packed with constituents promoting health. A perfect drink in your voyage to fitness it also has tremendous benefits on teeth health. It has fluorides in high amounts as compared to many other teas. So, it is potent enough to save you from cavity germs. Manage your cholesterol and better your heart health by having it every day as your health drink. Halmari creates this oolong by hand-rolling each leaf with care. The hard work put into it shows in the taste of this blend.

Halmari is the brand you can trust with quality. All the varieties of our teas are lip-smacking. And each leaf is treated with luxury and served on your palette. The first flush and second flush that we produce retain the nutrients largely. Where most drinks are harmful to teeth health our teas are nourishing with tons of beneficial ingredients. You have plenty of teas to select from and make it your staple.