Loose Leaf Tea Will Never Taste Bad With These Amazing Storage Tips

You take a sip. You instantly fall for the gush of freshly brewed tea leaves. You want to feel this luxury every day. You immediately buy some. But the cup of tea back home is a bland and bitter affair? You think you’ve been duped into paying more for a worse blend! But trust us, the leaves are fine. The problem could be with their storage. Loose leaf teas are extremely delicate and susceptible to various conditions. But storing them right doesn’t require half the effort put in by tea workers to protect them and retain their flavour.

Read on to know how to retain the essence of your blend and enjoy the same luxurious taste with every cup of tea in the USA!

> Organize Your Blend Right

This is the right place to let your OCD do the work! Loose leaf teas are speedy absorbents of aromas. It would be a good idea to store them in cabinets or shelves away from other herbs and spices as their strong fragrances will influence and destroy the original flavour of the tea leaves. Choose separate containers to store different types of blends. Hoarding them all together will make the stronger flavours overwhelm other blends depriving you of their distinct individual tastes.

> Container Type Is Important

When it comes to storing loose leaf tea, a plastic container is a huge no-no. Plastic absorbs smells and will make your tea taste dull and bland. If you intend to transfer your tea leaves to a more permanent container for long-term storage and consumption, the best option is one that is air-tight and made of stainless steel. They block sunlight and won’t rob the tea leaves of aroma, thus preserving their fresh and authentic flavour. They are also very sturdy, which is a plus for daily use. Coloured glass containers are a good alternative too as they don’t absorb odors and block sunlight as well, but not better than the stainless steel ones. Seal the lid tightly after every use to get desired results.

> Keep The Air Out

Although you are storing your tea in air-tight containers it does not completely cancel out air inside the vessel. Any more oxidation than what they have already had during the harvesting process will only make the tea leaves bitter. That’s why teas are retailed in vacuum-packed bags which ensure prolonged preservation. But at the same time the internal pressure can smash the fragile leaves and cause dusty leftovers. Thus, to prevent the damage as well as the air, you can use a mixture of iron and salt in your containers to absorb any residual oxygen. This will ensure your teas remain fresh and intact despite being stored for long periods of time.

> Cool, Dark And Dry Places Are The Best

Temperature plays a significant role while determining storage location for your tea. Loose leaf teas are susceptible to humidity. So if you think storing them in the refrigerator is a good idea, it is not. The moisture from the refrigerator will dampen and damage your tea rendering it tasteless after steeping. Sunlight is another enemy to tea leaves as it can lead to further oxidation and hamper the texture of leaves. Heat sources like stoves and other appliances can make tea leaves lose their aroma. Therefore, an idea place for storing loose leaf tea should be one that is dark, dry and at room temperature.

Storing loose leaf tea is actually easy if you know the right ways to do it. And now that we have let you know, you’ll never dislike another cup of your favourite brew!

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