5 Things You Need to Know To Make Your Tea Taste Better

A nice cup of tea can work as a medication to your unmanageable mood swings! And, no matter how expensive or well-known your tea brand is, the taste can still get affected if the tea preparation method goes wrong. Even though the process seems quite an effortless task to cover, there are many things that can make your cup of tea a complete disaster and make your gloomy day even worse. So if you are fussy about your magic potion and don’t want to disappoint your taste buds, you might need to keep these following things in mind that usually influence the taste of your tea.

5 Things That Can Affect The Taste Of Your Tea

1. Tea and Water Ratio:

One of the most common mistakes people make while preparing tea is to not paying heed to the tea and water ratio. If the balance is not maintained correctly, your cup of tea might taste like just hot water. While there are specific brand instructions given on the back of every tea packet, still it is advised to pour at least one teaspoon of tea leaves for one cup of water so that its ratio remains appropriate to make an ideal cuppa tea.

2. Quality of the Tea:

It is a known fact that compromising on quality can only bring disappointment, so while choosing a particular brand, you should go through the list of raw ingredients that have been used to determine the quality. As a matter of fact, a low quality product can ruin everything even if you put your best efforts. So make sure you choose the best quality brand to make the perfect stress-free solution for your hectic day.

3. The Way You Store Your Tea:

Buying quality products is not enough to get a flavorsome experience, taking care of them deserves equal importance. Keeping your tea away from high temperature, external impurities, sunlight, etc. is necessary to prevent the quality from getting hampered as well as make the flavor last longer. On the other hand, if the product is stored for way too long, that can also affect the taste terribly.

4. Time You are giving to Steep Your Tea:

Steeping your tea for too long can influence the taste and make it bitter. However, it also depends on the type of tea you are using and your desired taste as well. For instance, green tea usually takes about three minutes while in case of black tea; you should give four to five minutes to steep it.

5. Check the Quality of the Water:

In most cases, people usually don’t pay attention to the water they are using, however it can also create a huge impact on the taste of your healthy cup of tea. You might end up using the water that is already flavored or impure; in that case it will automatically affect the taste. So the better idea is to use filtered water so that you get to experience the aroma and flavor of your tea.

These aspects play a major role in increasing the taste of your stress-relieving potion. With the ongoing popularity of various types of teas, you always have an easy solution to your mood swings.

However, you might feel even worse if the taste of your tea does not meet your expectations. The idea is to find comfort in the food or beverage we consume and that comes when it satisfies our taste buds. Follow these tips to never miss out on that contentment!

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