How to Identify and Buy Pure Orthodox Tippy Tea

When the leaf buds or tips of a tea are in greater portion, then it is called a tippy tea. The demand of this tea variety is rising steadily among people. Though it is more expensive than regular tea, but its delicate aroma and flavor are unique. The other teas are usually generated from the greater portion of mature and large leaves, which leads to a darker color and stronger flavor along with less caffeine content. Such varieties also cost less, but the tippy variety is higher in caffeine and luxury. However, you need to identify the genuine tippy varieties to get the best taste. Therefore, you should search for the best source as well.

  • Opt for the Tea produced in Summer Second Season

Look out for the pure orthodox tippy tea that is produced during the two months of summer second flush season, which is during mid-May and mid-July. This is the best time to produce such tea. The leaves of such tippy varieties are long and plucked selectively before rolling carefully with a bountiful dash of golden pubescent buds. When you Buy Tippy Tea, look out for the source that ensures proper production during the best time of the year in Assam.

  • The Perfect Breakfast Tea

Teas with buds are excellent during the breakfast. Since breakfast is the first meal in the morning, it must be able to energize perfectly. In comparison to the other tea varieties, the level of caffeine in the tippy variety is higher. Thus, it stimulates your senses and gives you more energy right at the start of your day. However, you should find the genuine tippy variety to get the best result.

  • Assess the Portion of Tips

If you are experienced, then you would be able to differentiate between the tips in loose-leaf teas. This is because the appearance varies across one style of tea to another. In the case of tippy varieties, the buds of the leaves are rolled up or folded. The reason of such folded appearance is that during the unfurling process, the young leaves are plucked. However, many tea varieties artificially roll the leaves during the production process. Therefore, you need to be more experienced to figure out which tips of the leaves are naturally rolled and which are folded during production. Not everyone will be experienced enough to identify the difference. Hence, you have to search for the genuine provider of orthodox tippy tea.

Halmari is an iconic name that offers only the best quality teas in the world. Their orthodox Assam tippy variety Halmari gold GTGFOP1 Clonal is the winner of North American Tea Championship. This is not just a perfect cup for your breakfast, but you can have during any time of the day. 

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