Fresh and Better than 2017: Halmari Gold GTGFOP1 Clonal the New Bestseller

There is nothing quite like Clonal tea gifted from the house of Halmari tea. With an elixir of tranquillity and serenity, Halmari Gold GTGFOP1 Clonal is true refreshment for all the avid tea lovers around the globe.

After winning the Global Tea Championship in 2017, Halmari tea in 2018 has come up with fresher and better clonal tea, with scientific controlled breeding of plants to produce the best. Rare to its core, this iconic tea is exclusively made only during the 2 months of second flush season.

What makes Halmari Gold GTGFOP1 Clonal Exquisite From Others?

Mostly, these clonals are harvested from specific cultivars for producing excellent quality and flavor. In fact, in-house experts of Halmari tea emphasises on these naturally evolved seedlings by:

  • A series of meticulous selection to fetch the finest unopened buds from the designated tea bushes. Not to mention, it takes a lot of eye-judgement, to elect the best candidate for individual plants.
  • Then it takes a lot of time and effort for further nursing and propagation of the clonal leaves. Moreover, all these processes undergo proper scientific monitoring and executions.

Time for a Little More Exploration:

As mentioned above, these clonal black teas are second flush; here are few more facts vis a vis to this:

A. Harvested in June, the Halmari Gold GTGFOP1 Clonal teas bring in the full glory of summer with the phenomenal muscatel leaves.

B. During this flush a.k.a. summer flush, the tea leaves are full-bodied having a sweet grapey finish.

C. Owing to a narrowed cultivation time span, the black tea leaves are limited and hence is priceless. Halmari tea with the vision to produce excellence, strictly don’t compromise with their quality of clonal tea leaves.

Why do the Customers Slobber on this Variant of Tea?

In an initiative to serve globally, Halmari tea, nature’s own flavor factory, take a passion for serving the best cup of clonal teas. Unique in its kind, Halmari Gold GTGFOP1 Clonal Tea Bags is undeniably delightful, leaving the customers wanting for more.

Boosting one’s health, this grade of Halmari Tea is entirely free from calories, fat and cholesterol. From promoting good heart to lowering the risk of Type II diabetes, these orthodox black leaves keep one hale and hearty.

Moreover, apart from the nutritional content, Halmari tea also gives special care to the packaging of clonal tea bags. With the Japanese fuzzo style, the intricate wrapping of tea bags is a perfect example of sophistication and functionality for the consumers.

Hence, from packaging to brewing, this orthodox black clonal tea is an excellent option to rejuvenate life. So, with health on their minds, Halmari clonal tea is a perfect cup of warmth winning the hearts all over.


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