Unique Holiday Tea Tradition Around the world

Traditions are always directly or indirectly connected to food items. Not just in India, but in every country, it has been observed that people celebrate tea tradition while enjoying food with friends and family. Just like traditional festivals, there are some traditional food items as well that are exclusively enjoyed during certain festivals. 

Tea, one of the most famous and loved beverages of all time, is also closely related to traditional festivals and holidays. People love to serve tea to their friends and family and enjoy quality time with them.

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Here are some of the traditional holiday festivals where people enjoy tea with their friends. 


A Tea tradition which was started in ancient times, where people move from one house to another house to enjoy together. They used to sing and drink a special beverage known as wassail. Before 1830, the people of England used to include wine and ale as part of any celebration. After 1830, people started replacing it with wassail.

The base of the wassail is spiced black tea. People used to add different types of spices and dry fruits to give them a new flavor. This new way of avoiding alcohol and enjoying wassail with neighbors while singing songs became popular among people. 

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Flaming Tea Tradition Ceremony

A festival known as Hanukkah which is a festival of lights is celebrated by Russian Jews. A custom started where all these Jews people have flaming Tea to celebrate the ceremony of burning lights. You can buy oolong tea online in India from Halmari tea company’s official website. 

Traditional English Tea Parties

During the festival of Christmas, people in Britain celebrate the evening by organizing a gathering where they reunite with their friends and family. These gatherings are delighted when a warm cup of light black tea is served to the people with some snacks.

People used to celebrate these evenings by singing and dancing together while enjoying a sip of tea. At these lavish tea tradition parties, people also enjoy some delicious desserts as well. Stores like Halmari tea offer a range of authentic teas which can add some natural flavors to your evening tea parties. 

Traditional Chinese tea ceremony

The traditional Chinese tea ceremony is a festival that is celebrated in the honor of honorees. People in China use to prepare tea in traditional teapots. These traditional teapots are made up of special clay that is never touched by any metal or not even washed.

The teapot is used for continuous years and the tea oil that is produced every year helps in enhancing the flavor of tea with every year. 

Once this Tea traditional is prepared, it is presented to the honoree ( someone elder or of a high standard) by the server. The process of presenting tea is also very fascinating. The server will kneel in front of the honoree and offer the tea with both hands.

The receiver will also receive the cup of tea with both hands and place it in the small tea holder made up of wood. Once the honoree will take a sip of the tea he has to speak various phrases.

Once this phase is over, the honoree offers a red envelope to the server which contains a gift or money. Same to traditional festivals, you can also enjoy the traditional taste of tea from the Halmari tea store. 

Your holiday festival 

Why only follow traditions when you can enjoy yours as well? People from different countries enjoy tea as their evening drink. In India, we have seen people from all age groups love to enjoy tea as their breakfast drink or evening snack.

During any festival, we always invite our relatives and friends to our home for a gathering, and tea is one of the first welcome drinks which is offered to the guests. Not only during any party, but people often invite people for Tea Tradition Parties as well!

So we can say that tea is a basic and most loved beverage of all time. People who wish to enjoy herbal tea can buy green tea from the online stores of Halmari tea.  

Tea is now an integral part of every get-together in different parts of the whole world. As per changing times, people have started adding flavors and benefits to this favorite drink. In this trend of adding benefits and flavors to the tea, Halmari Tea is offering various types of authentic tea that is produced in Assam. These teas are full of health benefits along with different tastes and aromas.