Celebrate this festival with an exclusive gift box of Halmari tea

Whether there is a party for any festival, it is incomplete until everyone gets a cup of Halmari tea in their hand. In India, people are always delighted to celebrate festivals with friends and family. Every family serves a cup of tea to the guests to have a conversation with them or serves it as a welcome drink as well.

It has been observed that people are eager to find several health benefits in every single thing their daily life consists of. Certain research has shown that various types of tea which are commonly available on the market possess some healthy nutrients. 

Surprisingly, it is true! As we all know India is a country of festivals, so why not celebrate festivals with your friends and family and give them a pack of their favorite beverage? 

At Halmari Tea Store you can buy authentic Assam tea online which can help you in gifting a valuable gift to your loved ones.

What are the various types of Halmari tea which can be gifted?


In India, there is no shortage of festivals. Being a diverse country, we the people of India have always celebrated every festival with the same level of enthusiasm. Meeting your loved ones during the festival is a blessing indeed.

To make your meeting a memorable one you can give them a gift pack of tea which will surely help them in enhancing their metabolism and other functions of the body as well.

Here are some of the famous teas that you can give to your loved ones at any festival. 

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a traditional Chinese tea. It is semi-oxidized. Oolong tea helps your body with fat reduction. Consuming oolong tea is helpful for weight loss and reducing stress. This is an ideal Diwali gift for your teenagers or adult friends who you think are suffering from stress.

You can buy oolong tea from the Halmari tea company and surprise your loved ones with premium quality oolong tea. 

White tea

White tea is one of the true teas because it is less processed. White tea is enriched with antioxidants that are helpful for the human body. It contains catechins which help in lowering blood pressure and ensuring circulation. It also lowers the risk of a heart attack.

Antioxidants that are present in white tea also help in lowering cholesterol levels. White tea is a perfect Eid gift for your elders so that they can fight such diseases. You can buy white tea online directly from the official website of Halmari tea stores. 

Green tea

Green tea is obtained from unoxidized leaves. It is the least processed tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which are quite beneficial for the human body. Green tea is helpful in diseases like type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s. 

It is also helpful in improving the heart as well as the mental health of the human body. Green tea is a perfect Navratri gift for your parents and friends.

You can order green tea online in India from the online store of Halmari tea company.  

Black tea

After water, black tea is the second most preferred drink by the people. Black tea has the strongest taste and contains a decent amount of caffeine. It is helpful for the body because it contains antioxidants and some substances that may help in reducing inflammation.

You can gift black tea on Christmas to your gym-freak friend because it has been revealed that consuming black tea before a workout can help in fat burning. 

CTC tea

The cut, tear and curl method of processing black is different from the orthodox method of processing black tea. Those who wish to buy authentic taste can buy CTC tea online from the Halmari tea store. Gift your loved ones a gift pack of CTC tea at the auspicious festival of Lohri.

Lemon tea 

Lemon tea comes with the goodness of antioxidant properties and lemon. Lemon tea provides several health benefits, boosts your immunity, makes your skin look better, and reduces stress. Gift your family a pack of lemon tea in the pious months of Ramadan. 

Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is scented tea that smells like a jasmine flower. It is a perfect blend of health benefits and fragrance. Jasmine tea helps in enhancing your skin, improving your brain functions, and managing blood sugar levels. It is an ideal gift for your younger siblings to give at the Holi festival!

Halmari Tea Company is an Assam-based tea company that offers a variety of famous teas from Assam. If you are still finding what to give your loved ones as a gift at festivals then Halmari tea is there to help you.

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