Get Handcrafted Premium Assam Tea Online in the USA From “Awesome Assam”

It is said, “You can’t buy happiness but a cup of tea and both are probably the same”. With such love for the beverage, tea lovers find it a great way to start their day with energy. And with a huge number of tea lovers in India, around 566.66 thousand hectares of land was dedicated for tea leaves produce, as of December 2015. Out of which, 307.08 thousand hectares of land was in Assam, making it one of the highest tea producing states in India. Each year, around 652.95 Million Kgs of tea are produced, which explicitly contain the flavour of Awesome Assam. While the refreshing flavours of Assam entice countrymen, an abundance of Assam tea online in the USA makes the elixir more accessible. Now, it is easier to get hold of the handcrafted premium Assam tea with digital market playing a significant role.

Now, acquire a pack of handcrafted tea and relish the mellow aroma!

Popular Handcrafted Tea of Assam

Infused with the bewitching taste of “Awesome Assam”, the state produces several tea blends that revitalise your senses. Besides, the meticulously produced tea leaves are of unmatched quality and emanate an effervescent look and feel in the cuppa.

Here’s, have a look at the premium tea collections of Assam that you can relish at your homes.

I. GTGFOP1 Clonal Tea

This beautiful tea blend is produced explicitly during the second flush season, i.e. mid-May to mid-July. This premium black tea is prepared with long and delicate leaves plucked selectively to give it an excellent blend. The leaves are delicately rolled, and chunks of golden pubescent buds are sprinkled to give it a lush golden look. Savour the clonal flavours in the ruby coloured brew and lighten your mood.

II. Orthodox Tea

Now, quench your thirst for a refreshing beverage with this tea prepared using the orthodox tea-making procedure. Consume this tradition cup of tea and revel in the earthy flavours of clonal.

Available in the form of loose tea as well as teabags, this exquisite blend can satiate every tea lover and takes place in their breakfast table. Now, buy black tea bags online and dip it in a steaming hot cup of water and relish it.

III. CTC English Breakfast Tea

Prepared using the Crush, Tear, and Curl method, this granular and chocolaty grained tea is a luxury in each breakfast table. It is best brewed with Milk to enhance the creamy flavours, and get the rich aroma.

With the presence of Assam tea online, one can order the beautiful, aromatic, and delicious tea blend anytime they want. Store it in your kitchen and relish the refreshing flavours whenever you need to revitalise your mood. Such handcrafted range of tea is processed delicately and help uplifting mood and turn a dull, gloomy day into an interesting one.

Now, experience the flavours of awesome Assam with this premium collection of available Assam tea online in the USA. Now, order, store, brew, and satiate your thirst!

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