A Sip from a Cuppa of Assam Tea for your American Morning Bliss

Tea is one drink that will never go out of fashion. Tea, owing to its listed array of blissful benefits, has steadily overtaken the hegemony of coffee in the West. The USA lies no different – tea came, saw and conquered, steadily but surely. It was an acquired taste; however, as it came on to be everyone’s morning acquaintance, they felt the fading away of exhaustion at a day’s end. According to some recent study, Americans have become more health-conscious in the last ten years or so. They are adding healthy options like fruit, yoghurt and quinoa in their breakfast. Taking into account this growing health consciousness, Assam tea is steadily becoming the preferred option for many. Much can be attributed to its list of components that comprise –

  • Carbohydrates,
  • Manganese,
  • Polyphenols,
  • Potassium,
  • Fluorides, etc.

Replacing a morning cup of coffee with a cup of black tea from Assam’s finest ensures enjoying its flavor, sans 70 per cent less caffeine. It is interesting to note that caffeine in tea creates more stimulating effects on one’s kidneys, heart and respiratory system compared to that in coffee.

Assam Tea as a perfect beverage for the American lifestyle

Among all the varieties of tea available, Assam tea is considered one of the best. Apart from its rich, exotic taste, it comes with multiple health benefits too that makes it essential to buy Assam tea online in USA and enjoy the zest of palate-appeasing flavor and the blessings of health.

  • The Palette – Pleaser

The lingering sweet taste of honey in Assam’s oolong tree satisfies one’s sweet tooth. This wiry leaves with a sprinkling of white buds are hand-rolled. This tea freshens one up in no time with its sweet yet soothing aroma and a mellow taste. Buy Assam tea online in USA and enjoy the luxurious flavor of oolong tea.

  • The Health Mate

While the world frowns at the rising issues of pollution and its consequent sped-up ageing process, this tea is the perfect healer. Green tea from Assam is loaded with antioxidants that work effectively on the effects of pollution and slow down the ageing process.

A cup of green tea from Assam with a drop of lemon and a dash of honey is the perfect cure for the fast and stress-filled American work culture. With its rejuvenating fragrance of freshly mown grass, your tiring day soon wanes away into oblivion.

  • The Aristocracy in its Look

Assam’s black tea is one of the best black tea. While this leaf is long, tippy clean, it is delicately rolled with sprinklings of chunky golden pubescent buds. When brewed, the tea forms a deep, ruby color which in itself is a treat for tea-lovers. This black tea from Assam is perfect with your breakfast for its rich and strong flavor. Buy Assam tea online in USA whose high caffeine content will get you ready for the day in no-time.

While the tea gain rapid popularity among tea-lovers, buying Assam tea in the U.S.A has been streamlined even further to bring in the convenience of buying it. Irrespective of your geographical location, here is a cuppa of Assam in its fragrant, rejuvenating self!

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