Freshest Second Flush Tea Variants Of 2019 – Look What’s in Store for You!

There can’t be a better treat for the chai-lover in you!

Ah! Here comes a whole new assortment of freshest tea variants of 2019! Hand-plucked with love and processed with a traditional tea-making procedure, the second flush is here to infuse in you the most refreshing aroma of the season.

Take a look at the tea variants that bring a burst of flavor with them. Be it the hand-rolled oolong tea, healthy green tea or refreshing black tea, ignoring them will come at the cost of missing out on the most scintillating flavors of love that only a tea-lover will know.

Here’re a handful of them you can get at some of the best tea stores online.

Second Flush Teas of 2019 – Take a look!

 – Jasmine Green Tea

Infused with the soothing floral flavors, jasmine green tea is nothing short of a heavenly delight when you come back home, exhausted from the day’s work. Sip with a sweet fragrance that calms your troubled senses and relaxes your mind. Its high-antioxidant properties make it worth including in your daily routine.


 – CTC English Breakfast Tea

Among the best CTC black tea variants in the world, this English breakfast tea adds a tinge of luxury to your beverage collection. Picked as summer’s freshest second flush tea leaves, they can be prepared in several ways. However, it goes best with milk as the bittersweet flavor is enhanced.


 – Peppermint Tea

Combine the fresh bursts of peppermint with delightful relaxation of your everyday chai to get peppermint tea. When brewed, its mellow color brightens up the day while its minty aroma takes away any gives unique refreshment. Add it as a daily brew to your breakfasts, and you will see stomach ailments whisk away in no time. All you need is a 3 minute of brew to prepare this fresh cuppa.


 – White Tea

Finely plucked from the tea estates of Assam, these whole tea leaves with a blaze of silvery tips are any tea-lover’s dream beverage. It’s soft and mellow color steals your heart while the mild flavor slowly trickles down your senses to relax it. It won’t be wrong to say that white tea is just another name for “magic in a cuppa”.


 – CTC and Orthodox Blend Tea

How about the best of both worlds in a single cup of tea? Well, that’s CTC and orthodox blend tea for you. It doesn’t end there; hints of spices only enhance the flavor. Try it with a dash of milk, and you can experience a whole new level of ‘heaven to the palate’.


 – Green Tea

Elegance and the soothing flavor are now in your favorite cuppa. With the aroma of the freshly mown garden, green tea with its second flush leaves makes your day energetic. Plus, every sip of this tea gives a boost of antioxidants to your body. What more would you want from your cuppa of beverage?


 – Oolong Tea

Premium oolong tea leaves hand-rolled with love, give honey-like sweetness and gentle aroma when brewed. You can get the best flavor of this June’s second flush tea when sipping without tea.


 – Lemon Green Tea

Enjoy the bold flavor and briskness of lemon to refresh your mind during summer. With hints of lemongrass, the tea gains a unique richness. Also, the combination of lemon and green tea makes this beverage a cup brimming with vitamin C and antioxidants. Brew for 2 to 3 minutes, strain and relish in the strong bursts of lemon with every sip.


 – CTC Tea (English breakfast)

Among the best CTC black teas in the world, this English breakfast CTC tea has a bright golden color when brewed. Having an exceptional aroma, it also carries a juicy, smooth and creamy taste.

Brew this second flush tea with milk to get the best flavor!


 – Masala Chai

With a burst of traditional spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, etc., masala chai seems to come straight out of your grandma’s trove of speciality teas. It has a full-bodied, creamy taste with a distinct aroma to soothe your mind.


 – Earl Grey Tea

No beverage matches Earl Grey tea when it comes to exotic flavors. With a soothing and pleasing bergamot flavor and a mellow tinge, it goes perfect with your breakfast. Well, it also gives your skin a reason to smile, and low-caffeine content means you can have it multiple times a day.


 – Chamomile Tea

Indulge in the freshness of chamomile and summer’s second flush tea leaves with your late-night cuppa of chamomile tea. Chamomile, known for its soothing properties, helps reduce insomnia and anxiety.

For best results, sip a cup of this floral flavored beverage before going to bed.


 – Golden Tips

You can’t say no to this unique combination of black tea and golden tips. With a mellow and smooth flavor and a refreshing aroma, it’s nothing less than a blend of luxury.

Produced as a summer second flush in the orthodox way of tea-making, it carries a soft, bright hue when brewed.

Enjoy the richness of golden tips with each sip!


 – GTGFOP1 Clonal

Only a few teas are as exclusive as this one. With the sprinkling of chunky golden buds of Camellia Sinensis plant and hand-picked tea leaves rolled delicately, it’s available in limited quantity.
Colored with a tinge of ruby, this clonal second flush tea has a subtle taste that keeps you wanting for more.


 – Orthodox Tea
It is one of the finest blends of orthodox tea known for its malty taste and can be brewed in different variations. Brew it with spices or add a dash of milk to get the best flavors and refreshing aroma.

You are missing something in life if you haven’t tried these second flush teas until now.

So, how about you give them a try?


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