Do Your Grey Cells Wake Up to These White Tea Bags Queries

White tea bags have recently become quite popular among tea consumers. The sole reason for its popularity is the wide-ranging health benefits provided by this tea.

Are you willing to try this variety? Or, do you have some queries in mind? Wondering why to try white tea?

Well, there are certain things about white tea that make it a whole different proposition than buying green or black tea. What are these unique properties? Let’s find out!

Query 1: How many cups of White tea should you drink in a day?

Typically, the answer to this question depends from person to person, drinker to drinker. However, for those looking to seriously reap the multitude of benefits provided by white tea, it is advisable that you drink a minimum of 4-5 cups a day.

The special thing about white tea bags is that you can use them twice in a row making it more economical than other varieties.

Query 2: What is the right time to drink white tea?

Nobody can pinpoint the exact time to drink tea along with specific benefits of drinking at that hour.

However, for reasons of refresh-ness and energy boosts to the body, you should drink it when you feel the most tired and lethargic. The best time for drinking white tea could be during early mornings, once at noon, once after work and one final time before hitting the sack.

Query 3: What is the calorie intake in each cup of white tea?

Each cup dipped in a white tea bag contains ZERO calories! Yes, you read that right!

Unless you add any sweetener or added flavor to it, the tea doesn’t contain any calorie.

Query 4: What should you consider while brewing white tea at home?

A lot of people like to brew their own tea but here are a few things you must keep in mind:

  • For starters, always use purified water. Never take it for granted that boiling will get rid of all bacteria and that you can essentially use any tap water.
  • Avoid heating the water to its boiling point. Why? Because white tea bags contain certain sensitive compounds that could get destroyed in the process.
  • For those who want stronger cups of white tea for themselves, consider increasing the steeping process to 10-12 minutes, but not beyond that.

Also, like we already mentioned, you can use these tea bags successively twice! 

Query 5: Is white tea acidic in nature?

In comparison to other tea varieties, white tea crosses acidic levels of 4-7 on a pH scale. However, this shouldn’t be a cause of worry at all, as its acidic properties aren’t harmful to the body in any way.

Query 6: Where can you buy white tea bags?

These tea bags are widely available these days owing to its rising popularity. You’ll find it in tea stores as well as online stores. Only keep in mind that since, this is a consumption product, purchase from trustable and well-rated sellers.

That’s all about white tea enough to get you into drinking the healthy beverage. It comes with a ton of benefits that you’ll begin to experience once into the habit of Drinking White Tea Bags.

Happy sipping!

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