Daily Cup of Green Tea Keeps Heart Disease Away

You drink tea for attaining relaxation. Other than rejuvenating your mind, you need to take care of your health. The overall health is maintained when the heart functions properly. Proper functioning of heart means it will pump the right amount of blood to organs for taking care of metabolic activities. What makes your heart strong? It is the power of green tea.

Facts About Green Tea

A study conducted in the past shows that green tea widens the artery that runs from the shoulder to elbow. The cross-sectional area increased by 4% within 30 minutes. This is a good indicator that this tea improves blood circulation around the body.

It is the first time that this tea has shown beneficial effects on large arteries.

Various Experiments Conducted to Prove This Fact

A team of researchers used ultrasound scanning for measuring the performance of brachial artery. Some healthy volunteers were chosen and were fed with green tea, hot water or caffeine on three different occasions. Functioning of the brachial artery was recorded at three stages after they consumed the beverage. It was found that green tea expanded the artery, while hot water or caffeine did not create any effects on the artery.

Promotes dilation of Artery

When the artery undergoes dilation, it shows that endothelium is functioning properly. The endothelium is the layer of cells that lines blood arteries and prevents blood from clotting.

Previous research works have shown that black tea improves endothelial function on short and long runs. However, green tea works like magic. Within a short span, it can improve the endothelial function.

How Green Tea Improves Endothelial Function?

Leaves of green tea do not undergo fermentation before they are dried. Therefore, all the required antioxidants like flavonoids remain intact. Flavonoids make heart function in a healthy manner.

There are certain factors that raise the chances for cardiac disorders. These are unchecked obesity and deposition of bad cholesterol. If these factors are controlled, the cardiac health remains fine. Nowadays, people live busy life due to which many of them do not find spare time to perform workouts. However, Consuming Green Tea can reduce obesity and lower cholesterol.

Reducing Obesity

People who are obese have chances to develop cardiovascular disorders. Some studies have shown that Drinking Green Tea can help shed extra weight.

Lowering Cholesterol

A past study has found that this tea reduces the overall cholesterol level and helps in raising the level of good cholesterol. A clinic study found that men who drink this tea are more likely to have lower total cholesterol level than those who drink other variants of tea. It was also noted that drinking less than four cups of this tea did not bring change in cholesterol level.

Now it has become clear how drinking green tea reduces chances of cardiac disorders. From today Buy Green Tea Online and safeguard your health.

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