How to Lose Weight with Green Tea and Simple Changes in Lifestyle

If you are desperately trying to lose weight and following too many advices that are meddling with your health, then forget everything and embrace green tea to serve the purpose. Since ages green tea has been a dietary part and parcel due to its medicinal use and health benefits. Taking evasive or extreme dietary restriction will not shed off the last few pounds, but rather deteriorate your condition.

Green Tea + Simple Workout + Lifestyle Changes

There is always a healthier way to lose weight in a significant amount rather than compromising with food. Green tea in proper amount when consumed regularly along with proper physical workout can give the output you were craving for. 4 – 5 cups of green tea at regular intervals are quite enough to fit the regimen. If you want to make the tea time more fun and relishing there are various types of flavors available for green tea with added condiments.

Other than consumption of green tea every morning, change the following bad habits to aid the process and stay fit.

  • Avoid sodas and other carbonated beverages with ice tea (obviously green). This will reduce the caffeine and extra sugar consumption.
  • Replace the morning cup of coffee with hot refreshing green tea.
  • Avoid fast food to maintain the weight.
  • Prepare a healthy food chart and stick to it.
  • Add more fruits and vegetables in the diet.

How to choose and make Green Tea? 

See below the following  Steps:

Step 1 : You need to find a good source of green tea or its extract that does not contain harmful chemicals. The necessary ingredients in the tea must be preserved so that they can aid the process of weight loss. The supplement must contain catechin polyphenols, which will help to increase the metabolic activity.

making green tea step1

Step 2: Green tea cannot be used as a beverage anytime you want. You need to follow the instructions and control the intake. Excessive consumption might work differently.

making green tea step2

Step 3: Prepare a convenient routine to consume green tea every day and try to follow it. Try to make the arrangements so that the routine does not break.

making green tea step3

Step 4: To be precise, caffeine consumption must be checked. Green tea contains caffeine. This is why other means of caffeine consumption should be avoided. Those who do not consume caffeine at all they can have a few cups of coffee if they want. As per studies, only 39 mg of caffeine is essentially perfect for our body.

making green tea step4

Step 5: Properly brew the tea in hot water (preferable 80°C) and do not let the water to boil as overheating might ruin the active ingredients.

making green tea step5

Step 6: Steeping the leaves more than 3 minutes in the hot water is not advised due to the same reason. In fact, the tea will also taste bitter.

making green tea step6

Step 7: You can add your choice of condiments to make the tea taste great.

making green tea step7

Preparing Green Tea and drinking in proper amount every day can be very fruitful. You will find the results within weeks. Pairing it with half an hour of physical workouts will do the trick and you will eventually discover the new you.


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