CTC Black Tea – A Utopic Tale of Mystic and Classical Touch

Don’t you think the laughter of your friends goes vibrant with the sip of black tea? Well, CTC black tea has always left an impression behind it. It has floored all with its intense flavor and vibrant color. The name was derived from the method itself – “crush, tear, and curl” that is entirely different from the traditional process of tea making. Another name of this tea is Assam tea as the CTC tea mostly comes from long, lush tea garden of Assam.

Tea lovers around the world are always exploring to experience refined and robust flavor along with a subtle aroma which is class-apart. CTC black tea has catered in both areas worldwide. You can try to buy CTC black tea to relish the richness. Let’s start with the brewing process. Secrets behind the mystic tale of CTC tea:-

1. Premium Selection
Assam is decorated with panoramic tea gardens. Sloppy green tea gardens play hide and seek with the fog there. CTC black tea leaves are handpicked from these gardens and then processed. In this process, the leaves go through a number of cylindrical rollers. These rollers have numerous sharp teeth to complete the process of “crush, tear, and curl”. The end product has hard pellets that are easy to infuse.

2. Malty Flavor
CTC tea can be prepared in two methods– one is with milk and sugar. A sweetish and caramel-like taste is derived from this recipe. While some tea lovers prefer to enjoy the wildness of CTC tea – the strong and robust flavor. With a red wine like color and misty flavor from the weather of Assam, it tastes like malts. To celebrate the taste of different teas altogether, you can buy blend black tea online.

3. Strong Aroma
One of the most prominent features of black tea is its strong aroma. Infused with Assam’s misty weather and roasted in the above-mentioned process gives it a husky and vigorous flavor. And that equips it with the power of changing any mood.

Other than aromatic infusion CTC black tea also serves some health benefits to us:

  • Fight Cancer

More than aroma and flavor CTC black tea is infused with antioxidants that help to wipe out the cancer cells of the body. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any damages to the other cells of the body by keeping them hydrated. Buy CTC black tea to enjoy it every day.

  • Cut Down Fat

Also, it is very helpful for people who have gained weight. CTC black tea blocks the fat absorption of body cells. Hence your body starts losing body fat and weight.

  • Helps in Digestion

Your digestion system can function better with a cup of hot CTC black tea. Also, it provides relief from stomach cramps.

  • Prevent Heart Diseases

Also, you can prevent heart diseases like blood clotting and blood pressure with a daily habit of consuming Assam tea twice.

Lastly, Assam tea has its own richness of flavor and color to amaze tea lovers. Moreover, it has some health benefits as well. Select a good blend of black tea online to enjoy the richness with benefits.

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