Check out Types of Premium Hand Rolled Soothing Oolong Tea

Oolong tea- the name itself is quite popular among tea drinkers around the world. Numerous types are available and without knowing about the major ones, it will be difficult to buy premium oolong tea. There are basically three types available:

  • Green Oolong
  • Oxidation or medium roasted
  • Heavily roasted

These are the ones that most people opt for when choosing premium hand rolled soothing oolong tea according to their taste. Have a look at these three different types in detail!

1. Green Oolong

This looks a lot like green tea when brewed appropriately. These are green in color; however, it usually is bit darker than the green tea leaves look like. What gives away is that its hand rolled aspect that sometimes offers ball shapes or rolled into wiry whole leaf depending on producers. Like most green teas, oolong green will always offer a taste that makes one feel bright and fresh. Moreover, it can manifest sunny-sweet or a vegetal flavor. Nevertheless, the oxidation kicks out floral characteristics along with a buttery and rich flavor that lingers in one’s palate. In addition, it has an airy and rounded quality, which makes it more complex that standard green tea leaves.

Styles vary from aromatic, perfumed baozhong to milk oolong which is creamy in nature. Hence, when choosing premium hand rolled tea, ensure selecting this one if you are looking to feel fresh after consuming it.

2. Oxidized or Medium Roasted

This type takes a step more into the oxidation process. The controlled roasting procedure will lose jade-styles’ fresh aromatic aspect; however, it offers a more warming spice tastes as well as more mellow and deeper body. Moreover, in this type, one will notice several accents like white sesame, toasted grain, or honey but offers a woodsy trait than black teas’ fruitiness.

This more oxidized form of oolong is able to last more brews than green ones. After fourth steep or so, green ones will get grassy; however, these moderately roasted one can have twice the number of infusions. Hence, if you are looking for more steeping or infusions, you should opt to buy premium oolong tea, which is medium roasted and hand rolled for ideal product.

3. Heavily Roasted

Are you are coffee drinker who is looking to transform to a tea drinker but don’t know how as you miss coffee’s intense flavor? If this is the case, then the most powerful hand rolled premium oolong is your answer. This heavily roasted form of oolong is the most powerful of all, which can brewed to have coffee’s intense and thickness. This is a place where a coffee drinker should start when transforming into a tea drinker. As it not only offers the same intensity but also offers remarkable taste as well as health benefits.

Now that you are aware of all the types of oolong available, you can simply go online and buy premium oolong tea according to your preference. Opting for any of these with white-gold sprinkled buds will help you get the best tea in the market. Order one today!

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