Celebrate International Women’s Day with Suitable Tea Options

Among tea consumers worldwide, more percentage of women is known to drink tea when compared with men. Hence, seeking gifts for Women’s Day for tea lovers is quite easy for all. All one requires knowing is the kind of tea a woman likes to have throughout the day. However, if an individual wants to surprise a tea lover this Women’s Day then simply offering the best tea options throughout this special day is the ideal approach. Below you can see the different times of a day along with best available tea types for that time. Tea lovers can celebrate International Women’s Day with perfect morning tea mentioned next.

Waking up Tea (morning)

Feeling groggy or sluggish is how most people feel when waking up in the morning. Either one can make the tea for someone as a surprise or simply for herself. Tea is always a better option than coffee as it helps in waking a body up naturally. Morning of Women’s Day for tea lovers should include:

  1. English breakfast tea, a blend of black tea that contains ample flavors and slight caffeine kick; just what the body needs to eliminate the groggy feeling in the morning.

  2. Another option available for morning is white tea that consists of a small amount of caffeine but much lesser than what is available in a coffee cup. Moreover, it also has some flavors to it making it taste well and is better for one’s stomach in the morning.

Now have a look at the teas ideal for afternoon!

Early and Late Afternoon Tea

Depending on an individual’s choice, below mentioned teas can be consumed either early or sometime during late afternoon time. Therefore, some of the tea choices for afternoon time of Women’s Day for tea lovers should involve:

  1. Green tea is ideal for people who lack focus and more during the afternoon. It has an amino acid L-theanine that ensures a brain to calm and focus on areas where a person desires.

  2. Black tea is main drank by people in the afternoon due to caffeine components in it. It keeps one energized and continues working without feeling lethargic.

  3. Herbal tea during late afternoon is ideal if you are trying to curb your sugar cravings. Moreover, herbal tea comes in several varieties that can help an individual with digestion after an appropriate lunch.

Though you can choose any option for your afternoon tea, it is better to avoid black tea as it might make falling asleep harder at night.

Night Tea before Sleep

Helping one relax is the type of tea that one should drink after dinner. By opting for such a choice one can easily have a sufficient night’s sleep. These teas are:

  1. Peppermint tea is great if a person has overeaten during dinner. It is refreshing and helps ease one’s stomach.

  2. Choosing chamomile tea is also excellent before going to bed, especially if an individual feels stressed.

  3. If you are in the habit of drinking late-night tea, always go for Rooibos teas as it has zero caffeine in it. Moreover, its nutty and fruity flavor makes it ideal after dinner.

These are some of the suggestions you can choose either for yourself or prepare it for Women’s Day for tea lovers. If you are planning to surprise someone this Women’s Day then going with above suggestions is an excellent approach. Best of all you can simply choose to order these types online without any hassle and get it delivered to your doorstep to enjoy the best Women’s Day, which will be refreshing throughout. Just a suggestion, if you are trying to make a woman feel special on Women’s Day, simply ensure that her day starts with a bed tea and you can choose the tea type from the above mentioned morning tea!

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