Here Is a Toast of Tea to the Woman in You This Women’s Day!

From Beauvoir’s concept of “becoming a woman and not being born one”, to Woolf’s idea that women should have “money and room to write fiction” – the image of women received convergent perspectives of novelists all across the era. Consequently, Women’s Day became a single day to celebrate the omnipotent presence that she possesses in every life. On the flip side, Women’s Day should not merely mark the transcendence of her journey and should rather hail her holistic presence. It includes gifting her with time and a nudge to introspect the necessity of her health above all.

Along these lines, this Women’s Day, it is imperative that they prioritize their health with a trivial change in their routine that could bring in substantial alterations to their mood and health. One of the primary start to this would be including the following list of ‘healthy sips’ to her daily schedule –

1. Green Tea –
A trending drink, green tea is the magical Elixir that has been doing rounds among the health-conscious. Its health benefits are said to be rooting from its antioxidant component, Catechin. As for the effect of green tea on women health, here are a few pointers on how it aids women –

Weight Loss:
Increased metabolism post-consumption of green tea, owing to the polyphenol present in this tea variant, leads to intensified levels of fat oxidation.

Cancer Prevention:
Chemicals present in the green tea bond with cancer cells to destroy them and hence slow down the spread of breast cancer and protect smokers from lung cancer.

Cardiovascular Disease:
Green tea functions on the lining of blood vessels, making them relaxed and helping them withstand blood pressure alterations. It may also offer protection against the formation of clots and thereby prevent heart attacks.

Sedentary lifestyle often leads to an increased blood sugar level in women. With the consumption of green tea, the glucose level is regulated, slowing the blood sugar content in the blood.

2. Oolong Tea –

The Oolong tea has a range of oxidation, based on which there are multiple variants of this tea. With an oxidation range of 20% to 80%, while some of them are closer to green teas, others are much similar to black tea. The effects of this tea range to –

Burn Fat:
The tea raises the metabolism for up to 2 hours owing to the presence of polyphenols that are capable of blocking enzymes that build fat.

Prevent Hair Fall:
Oolong tea comprises a high level of antioxidants that promote healthy hair, ensuring thicker and shinier hair.

Cholesterol Reduction:
Being semi-oxidized, oolong tea has the power to reduce the level of cholesterol and promote heart health too. Additionally, the tea produces polyphenol molecules that activate enzyme lipase, which in turn dissolve body fat.

Prevention of Osteoporosis:
Women drinking oolong tea frequently are much less likely to face issues regarding losing their bone mineral density. On the other hand, tea helps retain minerals from the consumed food.

Black, white and Pu-Erh tea also contribute substantially to the well-being of a woman’s health, provided that they imbibe them into their daily schedule. Keeping in mind the forthcoming Women’s Day, what could be better than gifting her with quality living via some healthy habits, starting with altering her constant companion – her cuppa!

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