Can You Lose Weight Naturally by Drinking Black Tea?

Tired of hitting the gym? Are all those strenuous hours of core exercises taking a toll on you? Well, there might be way out of this diet-gym-diet maze! Weight loss isn’t always so easy. At times, you can feel a bit frustrated not getting desired results. However, there are certain ways of losing weight naturally without all these tantrums. Tea is an essential diet component which eases the whole weight loss process in a natural way. Specifically, Black Tea contributes hugely to any holistic weight loss program.

Packed with nutrients that are slightly different than green tea and white tea, this particular variant proves extremely helpful as a vital weight loss ingredient.

Best Tea for Natural Weight Loss: Black Tea Facts 101 

  • Flavonoids for Weight Loss

Flavonoids are antioxidants with a plant-based and are responsible for certain health benefits associated with losing weight. Every type of tea is made from a particular plant leaf which contains Catechin, a group of flavonoids. When the leaves undergo processing for black tea, these catechins build up new flavonoids, like thearubigins and theaflavins. Further, these unique flavonoids have the potential to burn off calories in a natural way.

  • Caffeine preps up your Metabolism Rate

About 30 to 80 milligram of caffeine exists when you take a sip of this tea. Researchers say that only 50 milligrams of caffeine increase energy level during rest. The Clinical Nutrition study of 2009 stated that there is no definite measure to solidify how much effect this particular beverage has on your body weight. However, what matters is that since caffeine helps in lipolysis which is breaking down of the stubborn body fat, the metabolism rate boosts up promoting more calorie burn offs.

  • Calorie Intake Slows Down

Black tea’s another potentiality for easy natural weight loss is that if you add honey to it, then you intake only 23 calories. It works wonders as sweetened brew unlike cola which has 103 calories or a soda can that has 52 calorie content. As a result, drinking a cup of such tea will be beneficial for burning a few additional calories thus qualifying as the best tea for natural weight loss.

  • Friendly Bacteria!

This tea variant has a “gut” friendly bacterium known as Pseudobutyrivibrio. They help in forming metabolites which further control the liver’s energy metabolic capacity. The bacteria play a different role unlike the Green Tea bacterium quotient. In fact, such bacteria induce growth of good micro-organisms resulting in a person’s good health.

Types of Black Teas You Can Replace as a Potential Dietary Component:

  • Nilgiri
  • Assam
  • Darjeeling
  • Munnar
  • Tibeti
  • Hong Cha

“One Pound at a Time!”

Tea as a whole fits well in any comprehensive diet plan. And, this specific brew of black tea qualifies as one of the best for any weight loss regime thanks to its abundant polyphenol content and metabolic boosting capacity.


  1. Jordan

    helpful comment for people who don’t have time for gym too often. Many people are loosing weight just by drinking this tea every morning… it helped me a lot.

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