10 Most Expensive Teas to Try around the world

In this world, we can avail a wide range of different kinds of tea products far beyond what is available in our shops. The tea lovers, who consider themselves expert judges in matters of taste in it, will drink only the finest kind of tea. Those are the most expensive teas in the world.

If you are a tea lover, here are some top 10 lavish tea options that you need to try.

About 10 Most Expensive Teas and Their Price Tags Are Given Below:


1. Da Hong Pao Tea:

Da Hong Pao is the priciest tea globally and has worth around $1.2 million per kg. This is found in the Wuyi Mountains of China. The leaves are collected from more than 300 years old plants. It has minerals, flavours and a layered body with notes of earthy.

2. Panda Dung Tea:

Panda Dung is another premium tea with a heavy price tag. It has valued at approximately $70,000 per kg. Panda Dung tea has high antioxidant content that helps you get innumerable health benefits. It has a nutty flavour and malty aroma. It is produced in the Sichuan province of China.

3. Halmari 22K Gold Tea:

Halmari 22K Gold is an expensive tea in the world worth around Rs.20,000 per kg. The tea is the best quality jet black orthodox flavoured with real 22-carat gold leaves infused in it. It will make you get the experience of pure Orthodox Gold tea and give you an elegant and notably mellow full flavoured cup of goodness.

4. Yellow Gold Tea Buds:

The tea of the emperors of China, Luxurious and rare, the yellow gold tea buds are priced approximately $7,800 per kg and sold only in Singapore. It provides a unique metallic and floral flavour. It helps you to prevent anti-ageing and get other health benefits.

5. Silver Tips Imperial Tea:

It is also known as Darjeeling Tea and cultivated on the sloping hills of Darjeeling, India. The tea provides you with silver needless and a subtle fruity aroma. Moreover, it is one of the most expensive teas in India and has worth around $1,850 per kg.

6. Gyokuro:

It is one of Japan’s most expensive and finest green teas and harvested in the Uji district. It costs around $650 per kg. This process of harvesting it helps the plant keep L-theanine amino acid to make umami flavours in it.

7. Pu’erh Tea:

It helps and provides you with many health benefits like cholesterol reduction, weight management etc. However, it costs around $10,000 per kilogram. It only cultivates in the Yunnan region of Southwest China.

8. Tieguanyin Tea:

It provides you with a unique nutty flavour and floral smell and is one kind of oolong tea cultivated in Fujian, China. The tea is worth about $3,000 per kg. It has crisp and bright-golden leaves.

9. Gao Shan Tea:

It is available at about $250 per kg. It provides high-fragrance and full-flavoured teas. As it harvests at higher altitudes in Taiwan, it is known as High Mountain tea.

10. Tienchi Flower Tea:

Tienchi Flower is one of the most expensive teas in China. It is famous for its sweet and minty taste and smells like ginseng. Daily consuming this can help in insomnia, boost oxygen levels, and release toxins from the body. However, it costs around $170 per kg.

In the 21st century, people of the world drink tea as a classic and medicinal drink. China, Japan, India, Korea, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Taiwan are the important production house of tea in the world.

For tea connoisseurs, tea gives people an opportunity to enjoy the aroma and flavour of tea once in a lifetime. That’s why to taste the premium and finest variety of teas. They will be ready to pay a considerable amount to get the expensive tea in the world.

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