10 Best Tea Plantation States of India

Tea is an indispensable beverage that most Indians cannot do without. It not only helps you relax after a long, tiring day but also has numerous health benefits. You should never compromise on the quality of your beverage and buy exclusively flavored tea grown in premium estates located in states famous for tea culture. Let’s go through the tea plantation states in India.

The Top Tea Plantation States of India

India has a rich history in cultivating tea, and the planters produce it, nurturing it with care. Since these locations have optimal weather conditions for producing tea, superior quality and unique flavors are produced here. Here are some of the best states that grow supreme tea.

Known as the tea capital of the world, Assam produces a wide variety of teas. It is produced in large quantities in Assam, located in North-East India. The variety grown is brightly colored and has a rich aroma. You can simultaneously experience a close connection with nature and a rich cultural heritage if you stay in the Jorhat bungalows built during colonial times.

Munnar, located in Kerala, is another hill station well-known for its tea estates. The first-ever tea museum of India, the Kanan Deval Hills plantations, is located here. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the estate, which is breathtaking while sipping on your cup of refreshing beverage.

West Bengal
The variety produced in Happy Valley Estate has a floral or muscatel flavor, especially in the second-flush teas. While sampling such tea, you might want to skip adding milk and sugar to avoid ruining the flavor.

Karnataka specializes in organic tea making. Kelagur tea estate in Karnataka is an attractive location for tea lovers covering almost 1500 acres of land. It is a longstanding estate operating for over 70 years, and you can observe the traditional process and technique of pruning and manufacturing tea.

Arunachal Pradesh
With the lowest population density in all of India, the Land of the Rising Sun produces some of the best tea variants in the country. Its pollution-free air helps the plants develop exquisite flavors and fragrances like no other.

● Sikkim
At about 1000-2000 meters above sea level, the valleys of Sikkim nestle ethereal tea gardens. The state produces variants like Oolong and Green tea that boast fruity and flowery notes that are reminiscence of its picturesque landscapes.

● Tamil Nadu
The Nilgiri plantations located here produce strong, dark, and aromatic tea. If you are in Tamil Nadu, don’t forget to make a visit and try out their richly flavored beverage. The tea manufactured here has a mild taste and lovely sweetness with mellow liquor.

● Himachal Pradesh
It is a familial tea estate that has been in business for over 150 years. It encompasses a pastoral charm and covers a land area of 70 acres. The enormous estate adds to the spectacular view of the place.

● Meghalaya
Home to the Khasi tribe Meghalaya is known for its very own Red tea called “Shasaw”. While most Indians prefer to pour milk into their tea, Shasaw shines on its own or with kwai.

● Orissa
The tea plantations of Orissa are located in its Keonjhar district, which is approximately 230km away from Bhubaneshwar. Though not as popular as the other states in the list, its Orthodox variants are said to be next to teas produced in Darjeeling.

Also, when you are on vacation, you can visit these states and check out for yourselves how the tea leaves are grown. These places, majorly hill stations, have scenic beauty and have evolved into famous tourist spots over the years.

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