5 Best Teas To Drink When You Have a Cold : Halmari Tea

We have often encountered people who keep on saying that they just need a cup of tea to uplift their mood. Taking that into consideration, we can say that  Halmari tea is a popular and most loved beverage among people in India. 

As we are progressing towards a healthy life, tea lovers won’t have to compromise their beloved beverage because we have a healthy alternative to regular tea as well.

There are numerous varieties of tea available in the country which contain several health benefits. People who suffer frequent colds also prefer a cup of hot tea to feel better. It provides warmth and also helps your throat to feel better which might get affected by the cold. 

Some people are also shifting toward green tea in their daily routine because of its rich potential of enhancing metabolism throughout the day. 

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A lot of people also believe that certain teas have worked well in case of a cold. Here are some of the teas you can try if you are suffering from a cold. 

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea that is soothing in taste. Peppermint tea can help you fight against colds and make you feel a little better. It is beneficial for your throat as well. Peppermint tea contains antiviral properties that can help in reducing inflammation and clearing congestion.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile is a herb that is beneficial for your body and mind as well. Since ancient times, chamomile has been used as herbal medicine. It has been observed that people have found chamomile tea a soothing and relaxing drink when they suffer from a cold and poor throat. It is also helpful in boosting the immune system and reduces inflammation as well. You can buy chamomile tea bags from the Halmari tea store.

Ginger tea

Ginger is well known for its properties of healing respiratory problems. It is observed that ginger tea helps soothe your throat and relax your body while you are suffering from a cold. Ginger tea is also helpful in treating diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Lemon green tea

Lemon green tea is a light tea that has a citrus taste. It is filled with various kinds of health benefits. It can help you fight many diseases because it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can buy lemon green tea bags online directly from Halmari tea stores. It is an online tea store and provides an authentic taste of real lemon green tea.  

Hibiscus tea 

Hibiscus tea is a red and vitamin C-enriched tea that helps in reducing cold symptoms. It also has iron-rich properties and anti-cancer properties. 

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Teas that taste better: Halmari Tea

After recovering from a cold, we always feel that we have lost all the taste. For that, you can try having teas that have a good smell and taste to refresh your mind and regain your taste. 

Jasmine tea 

Jasmine tea is a scented tea that gives an aroma of tea that can help you enhance your smell and taste buds as well. You can buy Jasmine green tea from the Halmari tea store online. 

Lavender tea

Lavender tea is light and calming tea that refreshes the body and mind and gives proper sleep to the body. It is also helpful for those who are suffering from any type of mental stress. 

Milk thistle

Milk thistle is famous for its ability to revive the liver by cleaning it. It also got featured in some detox teas as well. Some nutritionists also recommend milk thistles to their patients. 

We have seen people getting affected a lot by a cold or throat problem. It may be worse if not treated on time. Many people believe that colds have to be treated with natural things instead of taking medicines for them. Some natural herbal tea can surely help them in getting relief from severe colds and many other health conditions. 

Assam is the largest tea producer in the world and it is believed that tea which is produced in Assam has a real taste of tea. If you wish to sip authentic tea directly from Assam you can visit Halmari Tea Company and get your desired tea to your home. You can visit their official online store and scroll down till you get your perfect taste of tea!